Thursday, November 29, 2012

Joy and Pain; Sunshine and Rain

Joy and Pain, Sunshine and Rain, Up and Down, all go together right? You really can't have one without the other.

So, yesterday after I wrote that post about how I love my job, all " Hell Broke Loose.'

I talked to a students about her grade, and she stormed out of the room and shouted: "I hate this f@#$ class. I let that slide off my back; I've heard the bad word before and have even used it. So, No big deal. Then another student, after been told that he would not be able to go to the library again because of his behavior, went completely crazy, and said some other inappropriate words that I have heard and used before. So, No big deal.

I also realized that another student was moved out of my class and into another class, and I had no say in that decision and was not informed that she was going to be moved; it just happened. Communication is key in a school, and this really got under my skin, but I shook that off  too or so I thought.

Later that same day I was working away on that pile of papers that I needed to grade, and I realized that I needed to go to a team meeting.

All 9th grade teachers and students are on teams. The students, on a team, take all of their core classes together: science, English, history, and we basically form a team. It is such a middle school concept, but we make the best of things sometimes right? I like the idea of teams, but the team meetings and all of the extra stuff can be a bit to much at times, especially when I really needed to grade those 11 million papers.

The meeting was a good, purposeful meeting, but it took up over an hour of my precious time.... far to much!!

We were told during the meeting that a certain student has until the end of the quarter to complete makeup work. (The end of the quarter! What the hell......) 

The news about the student and all of the other stuff that transpired after I wrote that post, caused me to really, I mean really feel some kind of way that was not pleasant. (So, Thankful for patient and understanding teammates.)

After the meeting, I taught my last class, and the student who stated "I hate this F#@$ class," came back to get a grade adjustment, and I got the chance to talk to her about her outburst. I got the feeling that she got IT, and we made peace; I hope!!!

At the end of the day, I changed into my running gear and had a good run with a friend and fellow teacher.... (Boy, did I need that run today.)

I thought about my previous post, and I thought about the idea that with any job, person, event; we must accept the good with the bad. Just because this day took a turn for the worse, I had to confirm to myself that I still love reading, and teaching, and high school children, and my school, and my teammates etc.

Joy and Pain, Sunshine and Rain, Up and Down... We need one in order to appreciate the other.

People, I'm working on not letting a few bad events shape how I feel about my job, people, where I live.......

It's finally Thursday, and I still love my job!!!!

What I wanted to do at the end of the day!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I love My Job! I Really Do....

Papers that I need to grade SOON!

Yesterday, my mom asked me "How was your work day?" and I said "Awesome." My mom went on to say that she had never heard a teacher say that before, and we had a whole conversation about why I love teaching......

I am constantly telling my seniors to try and find out what they really are interested in and turn that into their career choice, because you might as well enjoy your career.

I really love to read, and I read all of the time and not always for pleasure. I read a whole lot for my job. 

Right now, I have about one hundred essays to read, I need to start reading The Kite Runner for my senior English class, I am currently reading for a professional development group that I am apart of, I am currently reading for a cultural competency training that my entire school is participating in, and I am currently reading Cutting for Stone for pleasure

Another teacher stated: "I do not know how you read all of those paper."

I do it, because I love it. Crazy right?

But, I really do love it.

Reading is food for my mind.

Reading my students' essays is an assessment of how I am doing as a teacher and how they are doing as students. Also, if I do my job correctly, every essay should be different and generate new ideas and new things for me to think about. So, how could I possible not enjoy reading all of those papers?

Also, I need to read to find new books to introduce into my curriculum, to keep abreast of what is going on in education, to feed my soul.........

With all of the other things that I have going on, I haven't had the opportunity to read All of those essays. So, I will come in on Saturday, after my morning run, in order to get caught up and breathe again. (You know I got to get my run in first!)

People, I hope that you are doing things that you really enjoy or "change the way that you look at things, and what you look at will change."

Enjoy this Wednesday!

Monday, November 26, 2012

You Know You are Grown When........

Me and Tammy after her ordination!
one of your friends becomes a deacon!

Yesterday, I attended the ordination of Tammy and twenty-three other people to become deacons at the church where I am currently a member.

For those who don't know, deacons are selected from within the church's membership. The biblical qualifications for a deacon (1 Timothy 3:8-13) focus primarily on character and relationships within the church, family and community. Deacons are to be persons of impeccable character and deep faith who rely on the Holy Spirit. (This is sooooo Tammy!)

It was a real dignified affair with all of the leaders of the church in attendance dressed in respectful Black, the huge choir with their royal robes, and the audience all dressed up in their Sunday's best for this special occasion.

Our Pastor gave one of those good, thought provoking sermons that he ALWAYS gives about "Doing the Dirty Work."

Lots of other stuff took place, and the NEW deacons marched out!

I felt like my own child had just gotten ordained; I was so full of pride for my fellow Tuskegee graduate. (I had to throw that in.) 

Tammy, you really make your people proud!!!!

I am officially a grown woman with a friend who is a deacon.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Is there anything wrong with NOT giving up!

I ran across this quote by Bob Marley, and I must say that I absolutely love it. Reading this quote, I thought about an International Baccalaureate (IB) conference that I attended last week that was all about teaching and learning.

In the conference we talked about how the Western world views success compared to other parts of the world. It was stated that in the US, if a student gets an A on an assignment, we might say "You are so smart; that is so good." However, it was stated that in some other cultures, if a child gets an A on an assignment, the people may ask "So what did you do to get the A?" In some other cultures, the process to the A is more important than the A itself. This has been on my mind since the conference.

For many people, if everything ain't easy or natural, they just won't do it. However, everything or everyone is not going to come easily.

Teaching is very natural for me. I have the ability to take the most difficult concept and simplify it to the point where almost anybody can get it. However, I have to continuously work at my given talent, and it ain't always easy. I remember thinking when I first started teaching "How do people do this for years?" Man, reading all of the time, planning lessons so that students could grasp ideas, teaching lessons and they totally flop, grading papers. I cried many days and there were many days when I wanted to say f#$@ it, but everything is not always going to be easy, and it can be so worth the struggle. I am soooooo happy that I stuck with teaching. It still ain't easy, but it is so worth it.

People ask me "Have you always been a runner?" And, the answer is absolutely NO! When I first started running, I couldn't run around the track one time without being completely out of breath. But, I joined a running group, and I faithfully ran with this group every week until it dawned on me that I could run a mile without stopping. Running is still difficult, but I stick with it, because I do not know of many other ways to get that feeling of liberation that I absolutely love.

There are so many people who have and are working their tails off to get or keep the woman of their dreams, to work for the company of their dreams, to understand a project that they are working on, to finish high school, college, graduate or professional school and on and on and on. Enjoy the struggle as much as possible, and reap the benefits.

So, as stated by Bob Marley, some of the things that come easily are not really worth it or appreciated, but things that we work for are normally always worth it, even with the ups and downs.

Bob Marley was one deep man!!!

Focus on the end product my Brothers and Sisters.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Yesterday was a GOOD Day!!!!!

At one of my favorite places on Thanksgiving!

Gratitude is where I dwell. Everyday, I use to purposefully think about all of the things that I was Thankful for, and now, being Thankful is what I do with no effort. I am constantly in a state of gratitude.

Yesterday, quite a few of my friends ran in the 5K race that is called the Turkey Trot. It's a run to benefit the homeless. I was not planning to run the race, but I was so excited for my friends who were doing the race. They were posting their pictures on FB, and  this really made me happy.

I decided that I would ride my bike to meet them at the race. I left home around 10 or 11, and when I got to Freedom Plaza, all of the runners were gone...but, I did get a text from my friend, Toya, to let me know that "Winter Running Rocks." This warmed my heart, because if a person would only give winter running a try, it is very easy to find out how enjoyable it can be. I was so happy that Toya got to experience that joy and experience it on Thanksgiving day with so many other people.

So, since all of the runners were gone, I sat down at Freedom Plaza and gave Thanks for FREEDOM, because it is a beautiful thing.

Me at Freedom Plaza

I rode around the capital and took in all of the DC sights, and purposefully ended up at one of my favorite places in DC: The Dr. King Memorial. I just happened to run into Ron. Ron and I and a whole lot of other people use to hang out when I first moved to DC. I could spend quite a while talking about the times that we shared. Deanna, my friend who recently died, use to hang out with this group. Ron was in disbelief when I told him that Deanna had moved to a "new house" in the sky. So, we took this picture in her honor:

Ron and Me!

Then, I thought, I might as well go to Arlington cemetery to check on Medgar Evers, and I did. So Thankful for my ancestors who were willing to die for our Freedom.

Riding back home, I thought about so many people, and my health, and my life, and how God gives us choices......

However, my day got even better!!!

I went to Toya and Shawn's house for dinner, and they sure know how to make people feel at home. Someone was frying a turkey in the backyard, someone was watching TV, someone was getting dressed etc. Soon, everything came together perfectly, and the night was so good for the soul: good laughter, food, people, games, trash talking.

I was invited to spend Thanksgiving with quite a few people whom I care about, and I felt bad that I was not able to go to all of their houses, but this time, I made the right choice. I love the Franks and how they create love in their home.

Toya and Shawn Franks!
Toya and me at their wedding!

So, Thanksgiving 2012 was a GOOD DAY filled with so many things to be Thankful for!!!!

I hope that all of my readers had a GOOD DAY yesterday...


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Movies and Books for the Soul!

Life of Pi

Contrary to popular belief, every book is not my favorite. However, The Life of Pi IS one of my favorites. It really makes a person think about religion, and God, and faith, and why we believe what we believe. 

My seniors and I did this book last year, and I want to teach it forever. I want everyone in the WORLD to read it. (I Really Do!!!)

Now, Life of Pi has been made into a movie, and it is absolutely fabulous; it really made my heart happy and was so good for my soul.

Read the book, and see the movie, and please share your thoughts.

One of the joys of a holiday is being able to see a movie during the day on a weekday.

So very Thankful for so many things today...... 

Friday, November 16, 2012

God has Spoken!

Deanna and Me!

Deanna and I both went to Tuskegee. Deanna was a few years older than me, and we never really interacted in college. But being that Tuskegee is a rather small school, we sort of knew each other.

After I graduated from Tuskegee, I moved to Birmingham, Alabama, and Deanna was also in Birmingham going to law school. Not sure how it happened, but we use to hang out from time to time in Birmingham. Both attending Tuskegee meant that we knew each other, and it was all good. (There is nothing like that Tuskegee bond!)

Years later, I ended up moving to Northern Virginia, and guess who not only moved to Northern Virginia but also lived in my same apartment complex? None other than Deanna!!!!! Let's just say that the fun began..........

Deanna and I were invited to parties all of the time. We really believed that people invited us to their parties to guarantee that everyone would have a good time. We use to party, were in the same book club, and would do so many fun things together.

Deanna was super talented. She would do my hair, write and recite poetry, crochet, paint, create all types of birthday cards, invitations etc, tell the most awesome stories and jokes, make beautiful costumes for Halloween, could beat anyone mixing drinks, read book after book etc.

Eventually, Deanna moved to Atlanta.

Gerald, another friend who went to Tuskegee as well, changed his Facebook profile picture to a picture of himself and Deanna and then I got a message from him saying to call him, and my heart dropped. I knew that this was not good, and it wasn't....

Gerald and Deanna!

Gerald told me that Deanna passed away, and my brain has not stopped since: I thought about her family whom she is extremely close to; I thought about Tuskegee's homecoming, Deanna goes to homecoming every year; I thought about all of the great times that we use to share; I thought about the first thing that she said to me when she saw me at Homecoming this year: I miss you; I thought why Deanna and why now?

This poem titled "And How Could I live On" by Nikki Giovanni kept going through my brain. The poem has nothing to do with Deanna, but the words "And How Could I live on" kept going through my mind......

I was up all night last night, phone was ringing, but I had no words, and therefore could not talk

On the way to work, I needed words, and I did not want them to be my own. So, I listened to Nikki Giovanni read from her poetry collection...and it was good, hot soup for my soul.....

I know there are a lot of people thinking today "And How Could I live On," and............

"And How Could I Live On"
by Nikki Giovanni

Live? How could I live on -- knowing::::::::Oh sure I could hold on
Wait -- worry -- But I had to hear the sobs -- I know what I must look like
Live? I did live on -- when the bullets rained I fell -- over the girls I
knew he was gone -- I knew I had to change things
We were partners -- you know -- we thought as one -- Sometimes he thought
it was all -- him -- why not::::I knew::::it was us
The changes -- the acceptable changes -- The work -- The worry
But We Pulled Through
The people who used us -- stole from us -- tried to divide us from each other
But we pulled Through
We were at the plateau -- not resting but catching our breaths--The
girls were doing all -- right -- a stumble here -- and there -- but all right
Then this -- this mark that could not be erased -- the mistake that could not be
corrected::::::::I only wanted to Help her
Help cleanse her
Help tame her hate
Her fears
that thing that ran in his family
I brought the boy home hoping trying yes praying scared I was too old too
tired to make a difference but trying
We argued::::and we argued::::but this to me--I didn't feel like it
I wanted my crossword puzzle and late-night radio -- I wanted peace
I felt him before I heard him::::::::Heard him before I saw him::::Called
out MALCOLM don't do this to me
And he threw gasoline on me
MALCOLM don't do this to yourself:::::Stop Now
and he lit the match
and he tossed it
How could I live on -- like some thing out of Richard Wright's poem -- like
an object for people to come view -- like a shadow of myself No, I could
survive but could not live on Knowing my grandbaby:::::named for a great
man who loved me::::::wanted needed insisted upon My Death
I could not live on and wake up -- from that nightmare

I wouldn't take anything for the times that I shared with Deanna.

However, God has spoken, and we all will come to grips with "AMEN" eventually......

The Tuskegee Troops are rallying "The People" right now!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Idol!!!

Patty and Me

I love working out with the greatest trainer in the World, Berhane, plan and simple! I look forward to my workouts the same way that a kid may look forward to Christmas, or eating a piece of cake, or seeing his favorite teacher.

Because I sometimes switch up the times that I workout, Berhane was expecting me at 6pm today and not when I showed up at four. He told me that another client was on the way. I stated boldly "I guess you will have to train us together today." (As much as I look forward to my workouts, there was no way that I was going home.)

I have seen Patty, the client whom I would workout with, from time to time in passing; she is normally coming as I am leaving. We all agreed that we would workout together. (Everything happens for a reason.)

Patty got so excited and stated: "I get to workout with my idol."

Me, somebody's idol, no way! But she seemed quite excited to workout with me, and I was equally excited to workout with her.

In conversation it came up that Patty is in stage three of breast cancer and is currently going through chemotherapy. She has two more rounds of chemotherapy to go through, and she will have a mastectomy sometime soon. (And I am her idol? No way........)

One thing about Berhane, he works his clients hard, not just hard, but extremely hard, and today with Patty and her cancer and me, Berhane had no pity on us! Patty asked "Does he always work you this hard?" I was thinking the same thing about her, but I already knew the answer. NOBODY has an easy workout with Berhane!

So, this is what Patty and I did today:

Attempting to smile after that ridiculously, difficult workout!

Patty has many reasons to not workout, be depressed, stop living, but Patty has decided to do what brings her joy and lifts her spirits until it's over, and "it ain't over yet."

Patty is "MY IDOL!"

My people, Make no excuses.....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Just the Two of Us!

Philip and Me!

Today, the weather was somewhere between 65 ad 70 degrees, and the sun was shining brightly. I could not wait until 3:30 in order to do a group ride with the bike shop Spokes Etc. This group normally rides through neighborhoods. It is a great, challenging ride, but I really desired to ride to DC today. There is nothing like riding to DC on a sunny, fall day. However, today DC was not in the plans, or so I thought.

I got to the bike shop about 45 minutes early. (Can you tell that I was a little excited?) I talked to the guys in the shop for a while, and I was the only person who showed up for the ride. That meant that the ride leader, Philip, and I were going to do this ride by ourselves: Just the Two of Us.

As we were preparing to leave, Philip asked if I would mind if we rode to DC to Hains Point, a park in DC where riders love to ride because there are few cars and a rider can do speed practice. This was truly the desire of my heart. I wanted to ride to DC, and that is what we did. (We are always granted the desires of our heart.) I also informed Philip that I was a fast rider; I was not in the mood for a granny ride today.

Philip pushed me hard today. We rode between 17 to 20 miles per hour the entire ride. When we got to Hains Point, Philip stated that we were going to do one fast lap and head back to the the bike shop. We got to Hains Point and Philip took off, and I was right behind him. I wanted to stop a few times, but I stayed on his tail for the entire lap. (I've come a long way baby!)

We talked, laughed, and rode hard, and I am looking forward to more rides with Philip....

Just the two of us!!

I really hope that you received a few of the desires of your heart today.

Friday, November 9, 2012

One Love???????

Quite a few of my friends and I are in our early 40's. I received a text from my dear friend T. Smith, and he wanted to let me know that he and a few of our other friends are turning forty and are having a birthday party in June in Chicago, and I responded, "I will be there...welcome to the 40 club. It's so awesome." T. Smith, being T. Smith, asked: "Better sex?," and I responded "Everything is better."

I can't speak for all people in their forties, but in my forties, I feel everything more intensely. I really see and love trees deeply; when I see and talk to my mom, I feel so much love for her until it is mind blowing; when I get pictures of my nieces and nephews, I look and think about how much I love them; when I am with people, I listen intensely, because I want to hear and feel what they are telling me; I can't even began to explain how I feel about my students once I really get to know them and their parents and their ideas.... and it goes on and on and on..... I cry all of the time, and it's not always because I'm sad, I cry mostly because I feel things so intensely, and one of my responses is to cry. I just can't help it.....

Yesterday, I was talking to a teacher about the the last four years with an African American President and this recent Presidential campaign, and I started to tear up. This racism that seems to be ruling this country makes me so sad, and being an action person, I want to get on TV, and say "Lets get together and feel alright," but I know that it is just not that simple.

This Presidential election has made me think about being raised in Alabama and now living in Northern Virginia and how much my life has changed. Many of my friends in college can not believe how open and accepting I have become, and I am still a work in progress. Growing up, I do not remember having any person of a different race that I would call friend, but today I do. What expanded my circle is doing things that I love to do with people who like to do the same things, and my circle expanded more than I could have ever imagined. I show up for all types of group activites and classes expecting to meet great people, and I do most of the time. However, I know when people do not want to be bothered, and I respect their decision, pray for them, and move on to people who do want to be bothered.

So, the teacher whom I was talking to yesterday, happens to be a mid-aged White lady from California whom I have been working with for about five years. We speak to each other, but we really have not had much interaction. However, at the beginning of the year, not sure how it came up, she told me about the book that I am currently reading titled Cutting for Stone. I absolutely love this book so far and guess what we were talking about in the hallway this morning? This book, where she and I were raised, race issues in this country and on and on and on...Who would have known that two people from two different worlds could have something in common that could possibly spark the beginning of a friendship?

It seems so simple for us to just spend time with people who have common interest, respect and try to understand people who like totally different things than us, and then go into complete acceptance, and maybe we could "just get along" as stated by Rodney King. But, I know that it is just not that simple.

I can't change the world, but I can change my response to it and maybe influence a few people, and pray.........

Those intense feelings can be overwhelming sometimes, but I am beginning to believe that it comes with the territory of being in the 40s, and I wouldn't change that for nothing...

James Baldwin wrote that "Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced."

Winter Biking!

I have gone back and forth in my mind about whether or not I should bike throughout the winter. Of course, biking is what I love to do, and I do not want to wait until Spring to ride again. I have come such a long way, and the idea of starting over is a bit overwhelming to me. If a person stops doing any type of exercise for awhile, and goes back to it; it's almost just like starting over. However, there is something called muscle memory, and the muscles will quickly remember and it will not take very long to get back to the previous fitness level. However, I do not want to go backwards; I only want to move forward forever.....But, the fear of the cold has me going back and forth!

Saturday was a very cloudy, cold day, and my mood was off, and it dawned on me that even during the winter, I must be outside being active in order to keep me in the right frame of mind. Now, I do run with my running group throughout the winter, but I need to add biking because being outside is essential for my mental well-being. Nothing lifts my spirits like being physically activity and outside, and it's almost mandatory for me during the winter..

From one of my biking groups, Black Women Bike DC, I found out about a seminar on How to Bike in the Winter and at Night. I arrived at the seminar and was so excited to see many riders that I have ridden with before. One rider, in particular, Lesly, is so excited about riding, until it completely rubs off on me. (Please click on Lesly's name and read all about her.)

This seminar was very informative complete with a fashion show of all the things that can be used to make winter riding enjoyable. Lesly informed me of biking groups that ride throughout the winter, and she also let me know that she would be riding every Tuesday and Thursday, and you know that I am going to join her, because riding with Lesly is so much fun, and I need the rides.

Complete winter and night riding gear!

So, I will be picking up winter biking gear, and I am going to ride throughout the winter...

If you want to buy me something for Christmas, winter biking gear is high on my list. (I'm just saying!)

Make no excuses to do things that bring you pleasure and lift your spirit.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

Words to know for this post:
1. Geisha  a Japanese hostess: a Japanese woman educated to accompany men as a hostess, with skills such as dancing, conversation, and music.
2. Danna normally means husband, but in Memoirs of a Geisha it means patron.
So, this was my second time reading Memoirs of a Geisha. The first time reading it I remembered really enjoying learning about the life of a Geisha, something that I knew nothing about. However, this time around, I am in such a different place in my own life. I still found this book to be completely fascinating, but this time my heart went out to Geishas who have little say about their own lives; they must always work to please other people and hope that they are recognized and rescued. This is what Sayuri said about her life "Nowadays many people seem to believe their lives are a matter of choice, but in my day we viewed ourselves as pieces of clay that forever show the fingerprints of everyone who has touched them."

Sayuri, a Geisha and the main character in the book, finds herself suddenly in training to be a Geisha. She has no say in this; she just has to train to entertain men. She falls in love with one of the men whom she entertains. He is known as The Chairman, but she can not be with him unless he chooses to be with her. However, he can not marry her, because he is already married, but she can be his "kept" woman if that is what he decides.

After Sayuri's virginity is sold and many other events occur, Sayuri and the Chairman are finally able to be together, but it must be on his terms. Remember that he is already married, and Sayuri is the mistress.

In the end, Sayuri's life turns out fairly good, if being a "kept" woman is appealing to you. She finally gets satisfaction from being with the man whom she loves and who loves her back....

With this read of Memoirs of a Geisha, I found every page to beautifully written in a way that creates vivid pictures in the readers' mind and really explains the life of a Geisha with poignant details. But, I feel sad for Geishas who have very little say about their lives, what they like, or who they can love and marry.

This book is a page turner that I highly recommend....

Arthur Golden

My dear readers, I have started reading Cutting for Stones by Abraham Verghese. Why don't you pick up a copy or download it, and read it with me?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My President is Black!

My President!

I love my President!!!!!! 

Here is the song that I heard on my mental ipod ALL Day yesterday. (There are explicit lyrics so listen with caution.)

My President is Black by Young Jeezy!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Teachers Do Vote, and

we are happy about it.

I can't wait to hear all of the exciting stories about today!!!

Enjoy this election day, My People.....

Monday, November 5, 2012

It ain't Over.......

I am an action person! When something comes up, I want to go straight into action. However, there are times when I can do absolutely nothing but believe, pray, and wait.

Reading and watching the devastation that Hurricane Sandy left in NY and NJ, I felt like I wanted to go to those areas and do something. I thought of myself being there helping people to go through their water soaked houses to find items that they really wanted to keep; I imagined myself holding and soothing people's children as they went out to do whatever needed to be done, and my list of things to do went on and on and on..... But, I had to stop myself and think "It ain't over, until God says it's over." Those people are going to be good. There is nothing I can do physically right now, but I can believe, pray, and wait.......

Yesterday, I was running a little late for church. Church starts at 8, and I normally get there around 7:30 or so to make sure that I sit in the front. (I prefer to have as few distractions as possible during church. So, I get there early, and sit in the front.) However, I got there around 7:50 and instead of sitting in the back, I decided to sit in the balcony. (Everything happens for a reason.) My dear friend, who also attended Tuskegee and is winning the battle with cancer, happen to sit in the balcony, and we got to worship together. During prayer time, we were asked to share with people around us what we were praying for. My friend stated that she was praying for her scans, which are going to take place on Tuesday, to give her positive results. Of course, this made me cry, and I cried off and on throughout church, the rest of the day, and today it is a true struggle for me to keep it together.

I wish that there was something I could do like share some of the cancer, and we could fight this thing together and win, but I had to stop myself and say "It ain't over, until God says it's done." There is nothing I can do but believe, pray, and wait.......

This Presidential election has people on edge like never before. I want to go to the polls and convince every voter to see things MY way. However, who said that my way is THE WAY? I believe that even without me convincing every voter to see things my way: "It ain't over, until God says it's done."

Yesterday, I thought about Governor George Wallace, who was the Governor of Alabama who served four nonconsecutive terms: 1963–1967, 1971–1979 and 1983–1987. In 1963, he stood on the steps of one of the buildings at the University of Alabama determined that this University would not be desegregated. However, Governor Wallace did not have the last say; "It wasn't over:" Vivian Malone and James Hood, the two that the governor were trying to keep out of the University of Alabama, walked through those doors as well as my sister Tracy, my nephew and niece, Sherrell and Vance, and countless other people of color. Regardless to what the Governor did, it "It wasn't over, until God said it was done." (This gives me such a sense of peace!)

Sometimes we are placed in situations where what we can do is limited, and all that we can do is pray and believe and wait, and know that: "It ain't over, until God says it's done." 

I have an extremely heavy heart today, but "It ain't over!"

Friday, November 2, 2012

Doesn't Everyone Wants a Tea Cake?

Tea Cake is the one of the main characters in Their Eyes Were Watching God! The way that his love, Janie, describes him, is enough to make a woman or man wait for as long as she/he has to for his/her very own Tea Cake to show up.

This is what Janie said about her love:

This quote really makes me glad!!!!

Don't we all want a Tea Cake?????

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Your Dreams!!

When you see a Dreamkiller, please don't share anything with him/her. As a matter of fact, you must get away quickly!

By the way, make sure that you are NOT a Dreamkiller......
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