Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday may be America's best holiday!

Yesterday, The Super Bowl was played in Indianapolis, and millions of people watched the game from home, bars, or at the actual game. I was invited to three parties, and when I contemplated which party to attend, ( I did contemplate, because who you watch the Super Bowl with is very important.) I thought about location, who would likely be there, and I slightly thought about the food. (The food is least important to me.)

One of the parties was about thirty minutes away and the other two were closer to my house. However, all three of the parties would have people that I love and love spending time with, and of course, all three would have great food, for heaven sakes, it's The Super Bowl.

So, I selected the party that I would attend, and boy did I have a good time. We laughed a lot, talked a lot, ate a lot, (The hosts had salmon and beans with no meat. I love my friends.) and watched the game just a little.

The morning before the game, I couldn't help hearing people in the grocery store asking each other if they were going to a Super Bowl Party. Almost everyone said "Yes" with excitement. There is something that millions of people and I love about Super Bowl Sunday, and here is why I think that it just might be America's Best Holiday:

  1. People get to decide who they want to spend time with. We don't have to be with our Aunts that really get on our nerves, siblings who just can't stay out of each other's business, cousins that you really don't know etc. You can spend the day with whomever you like.
  2. Nobody has to slave over the food. No turkey that takes ten hours to cook, no ham that may take even longer. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has to stay up all night to cook. Chicken wings, potato salad, chips and dip, and desserts that were prepared by the grocery store work just fine.
  3. Nobody has to travel far. You can just leave your house and drive to someone's house and have a good time and go home. No crowd airports, expensive airline tickets, and stays that can really end up being too long.
  4. Overall, people are normally happy and the conversations are light and whimsical. The commercials and halftime really make for great conversations.
Man, I love Super Bowl Sunday.

Do you agree that Super Bowl Sunday may be America's Best Holiday!!!

You must have punch with... you know what!

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