Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cyclocross Race #3 and #4: DCCX

Day 1 of DCCX was completely fun...

The Friday before the race, the course was open for people to ride, and there were free cyclocross clinics. Of course, I attended the clinic and pre-rode the course. I had a lot of fun, and this made me completely excited about DCCX.

Coworkers and friends also pre-rode the course on Friday!

Saturday, I got to the race early and rode the course, and I was super excited that quite a few of my friends and fellow cyclocross racers were there, and I was going to race with my teammate Patty:

The ladies of veloworks!
Shanna: bad A@# cross racer!
Fellow racers: Emily and her husband!
Fellow racers and teammates: Sean and Tom
Tina and Brian: Teammates who came out to support!
Greg after his race!
A new fan!

My people, I got to the starting line, and I was not to nervous. The whistle was blown, and we took off. This course was extremely fun but difficulty and after the first lap, I was worn out. However, I kept on pedaling. After the second lap, I was pulled from the race, because the winner was on my tail.. I had completed two laps and the winner was completing her third lap. I was happy and sad at the same time. I wanted to complete three laps, but I did not have much gas left in my tank.(YIKES!)

The race environment turned into a festive environment with food trucks and BEER. Yep, there was lots of beer. I stayed at the races until around 6, because I wanted to support my coworker and friend, Rob, in his first race ever of any kind, and he was completely awesome:

Rob in his first race!

After Rob's race, I went home to rest and to get ready to do DCCX all over again....

Today, the course ran the other way, and I really needed to pre-ride the course. However, I was fearful to pre-ride the race, because I did not want to tire my legs out. (Bad mistake!)

I am happy that I read this word from Joel Osteen before the race:
"The race is not for the swift nor for the strong but for those who endure to the end." You don't have to finish first; you're not competing with anyone else. Just finish your course. Keep your fire burning.
The whistle was blown, and I made quite a few mistakes early on, because I did not pre-ride the course. My body was completely exhausted after the second lap, and I actually pulled off of the course, laid on my back for a few minutes, and continued the last lap. (I needed to catch my breathe!) AND, there was no way that I was going to get a DNF (Did not finish) next to my name.

Anyway, my teammate, Lydia, raced with me today, and quite a few fellow racers and supporters were at the races. Soooooo, everything is all right with the world.

Lydia and me!
My people!

Happy Sunday, My People!

I can't wait until the next race....

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mindset in the Classroom: Building a Culture of Success and Student Achievement in Schools by Mary Cay Ricci

I so believe in this book, Mindsets in the Classroom by Mary Cay Ricci, and I do not believe that this book is just for educators, but I think that EVERYONE could benefit from this book.

This past summer I was in the car with some of my cycling teammates, and we were having one of those sort of deep conversations that we have at times. Not sure what we were talking about exactly, but Lydia stated something like this: "A person may say that he/she can not change the oil in his car, but if he works at it; he can." I repeated this and thought about it, and I repeated this and thought about it, and this conversation has stayed with me; we can change ourselves through discipline, consistency, and effort. Basically, Lydia was speaking from the growth mindset.

So, you know the parent who states that my child is not good at math, or my child is not a swimmer etc. Or, you know the adult who states I want to be a runner, but I can't run; or the adult who states that I was never good at whatever. People who say things like this, are operating under the fixed mindset. They believe that their talents and gifts are fixed and can not be changed, and that is exactly what Ricci talks about in this book.

This book deals with the idea of changing the way that people, mainly teachers, administrators, parents, and students, think about success and intelligence.

Ricci and I believe that every student and person can master whatever he or she is willing to put effort into. However, how many people give up when things get difficult? How many of you know people who quit jobs or school, because it was difficult? Ricci thinks that with effort, we can make difficult activities attainable.

In my own life, when I go to cross practice, and I get to a difficult part on the course, my first mind thinks that this is not for me, but my second mind states thinks that with practice, I will get better. (Don't always trust your first thoughts.) At my first two races, there were some tough ladies out there, and my first thought was, I will never be great at cross, but my second thought was that with discipline and consistency, I will get better at cross and can possibly be great... I know that I will get better than I am now with discipline and consistency.

I have been implementing the ideas in this book in my classroom, and my students are really digging the idea that they can change their brains, their intelligence is not fixed, and that I believe that every student can be the 'smart one.'

I must leave you with this incredible video about the brain:

My people, read this book and change your life and the life of the people you influence.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cyclocoss Race #2: Tacchino CX 2014

Fun, Fun, Tiring, Tiring, Fun!

It's always good when a cycling buddy comes out to support!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Seneca Creek Cyclocross: My very first cyclocross race!

Today, I competed in my very first cyclocross race, and I'm In love Again!

Cyclocross racing is difficult to explain, but it is basically riding a bike around sharp turns, up hills, dismounting to jump over obstacles, running or riding through sand etc. (It is fun!)

In a previous post I wrote that according to Nikki Giovanni, falling in love over and over again makes us love life intensely:
She stated that it makes a person's skin better and people notice how well a person looks who is in love. She also stated that being in love has nothing to do with someone loving us back; it's about being in love.....

I am fortunate to live in a city where people love cyclocross, and this affords me the opportunity to go to cyclocross practice about three days a week. I have basically built me a small village, and so many people are raising me. The encouragement and help that I get on a regular basis is unbelievable.

The thought of my first race terrified me, but I was strongly encouraged by "My Village" to just do it, and Today, I did just that.

It was raining when I woke up, but I still got up, got dressed, had breakfast, went to have one of my tires checked, and I drove to the race...

I got there, registered, and pre-rode the extra muddy course. The mud was so thick and difficult to move through, but I was there and had to do it.

Finally, it was 1 o'clock, and we started our race. My people, I was turning corners, riding through mud, slipping and sliding, dismounting and remounting etc.

In one muddy section my legs were on fire, and a fellow racer said to me "your bike can handle it; just do it." My people, with that encouragement, I rode through that mud like a champ.

Before the race, during the race, after the race, my happiness level was to the sky...

My People... I AM IN LOVE!

I have another race tomorrow, and I promise to take more pictures... Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Slippery Slope

I want to cycle until I leave this earth!

School is moving alone swiftly, and I absolutely love this time of year when we are on a roll: classes everyday without any breaks, establishing class norms, and a busyness that feels like real work is taking place.

With school starting, I am no longer in my controlled, food environment, and things that I should not eat are around daily. We have had pizza, donuts, pasta lunches etc. I've been doing ok, but not good. I ate the pizza, pasta, half of a doughnut, and one or two of the doughnut holes that I bought for the students... slippery slope.

I also must confess that I have been stopping by McDonald's in the morning to have a cup of coffee with one scoop of sugar and two creams. I have been meaning to stop, but...... slippery slope.

Well, I have been completely paranoid about this slippery slope that I have been on... yep, I got very angry with Berhane last week, because I thought that he was looking at my stomach in an accusatory way. He looked baffled and told me that it was all in my mind.... slippery slope.

My people, yesterday, I stopped by McDonald's, and they thought that I said eight sugars instead of a sugar, and the minute that I put it to my lips, I knew that this was far more sugar than I needed so, I threw the coffee away. I needed that wake up call.....No added sugar, and I won't touch sugar substitutes for no reason; I get enough sugar in peanut butter, fruits, and other foods. So, I am back to green tea unless I have time to have a latte with no sugar added.

Well, I gave myself a good talking to this weekend... There is no way that I will workout two times a day, and that's exactly what I have been doing at least three days a week, and sabotage those workout by being on that slippery slope.. doughtnuts means pizza and pizza means candy and candy means a drink and this means one pound a month then two pounds a month and ten pounds a year..then high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low energy, mood swings, medication.... slippery slope

I am not going down that road at all!

I love my health and being healthy more than I love food, drinks, sugar, my bed, rest, money...

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Seagull Century #3

The Ladies Rocked It!

Cyclist were in town from all over the place!

And 76, almost 77 year old Floyd did his thing, AGAIN!

Read about Seagull Century #1 here.
Read about Seagull Century #2 here.

Find a hobby that you love and become its slave...
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