Sunday, April 13, 2014

Race #2

Race #2 was on Saturday, and I woke up to a bike tire that needed a little attention. I almost panicked, but instead I emailed the team, and of course a teammate showed up to give my tire the attention that it needed. (I love my team and being on a team.)

At registration this time around, I knew to show my racing license instead of my driver's license. Read all about race #1 here.

I felt super excited and confident, and I was determined to pedal the entire race and stay on the course...Well, I stayed with the pack for about four or five laps of the 1.2 or 1.3 mile loop, and I literally ran out of steam. I stayed in the race, but I got separated from the group and literally did not have it in me to catch up with the group.

There is something that is known as surges in races, and that is where people are riding at a certain pace, and then someone or some people surge ahead of the pack. At this point, the pace of the group picks up for awhile, then the pace goes back down to where it was before or maybe a little faster. My team leader stated that "those surges are what really make the difference between riding a bike and racing a bike." 

Well, the surges completely wore me out, and I must work on being a racer and not a rider.

From this race, I realize that I must get use to my heart rate being high for longer periods of time, I must practice surging and recovering, and it was reconfirmed that I absolutely love training to be a racer. (I got a lot of work to do, but I love this kind of work.)

Me, nervous as hell at the starting line!

Until the next time......

Monday, April 7, 2014

Activate the Peace, Joy, Happiness that is Within!

The VeloWorks Ladies and the Sticky Fingers ladies: Female Racers

Saturday, I went and did a ride with the Oxen Hill Biking Club. Rides are generally divided into categories: AA is the fastest group, A is the next fastest group and so on... I think that the groupings may go to D. There was a ride for everybody!

For the first time ever, I rode with the A group and did not get dropped. (I could not contain my excitement!)

After the ride, a friend's son asked me to attend his little league baseball game, and I took my chair and really had a great time... After the game, the kid was in the car with me, and we were talking about the fact that his team had got beaten very BADLY, like 11 to 1. He stated that the game is not about winning but about having fun.... (This statement made me so happy!)

Coolest little leaguers I've ever seen?

Saturday, I traveled to hilly Luray, Virginia with one of my teammates to ride the course for a race that is coming up on the 25th of April. We met up with this women's racing group called Sticky Fingers, and boy did I enjoy riding with these ladies. We rode hard, talked, laughed, and broke bread together.

Taking a break from the ride to enjoy the pigs!

After those hills in Luray, all that I could do when I got home was get on the couch and listen to Eckhart Tolle read The Power of Now to me.....

My happiness, joy, peace levels went to the roof this weekend!!!

I am writing this to encourage all of my readers to do things that you really love to do as much as you possibly can. Your entire life will improve more than you ever thought possible, and you will stop looking to people and things to make you happy.

You already have peace, happiness, joy; you just need to be activate it.

I never knew that I would love biking, but I had the desire to bike. So, I bought a cheap bike, feel in love, and the rest is history. I was scared to ride with groups, but I just worked through the fear and did it, and I am so happy that I did.

Now, some of you may love to do things that do not add positively to you life, and I am not sure that you should stop doing those things; that's really up to you. But, I know that if you do things that add to your life, you will reap some positive benefits for sure.

So, My People, work through whatever is holding you back from doing the things that you love to do....

Activate the Peace, Joy, Happiness that is already within!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

One For The Record Books....

Faculty Basketball Team!

So, this school year has been one for the record books for sure....

I picked up another AP (Advance Placement) literature class this year, and that means that I teach two AP literature classes instead of the one that I normally teach. The amount of reading that I have been doing this year is really numbers for the records books. My AP students have been writing at least one essay a week almost every week since school started, so I won't even try and add up the number of essays that I have graded this year, AND we ain't through writing yet. I normally refuse to do school work at home, but I have had to spend a few snow days reading and grading.....

Also, with my AP classes, I am still teaching some of the same novels that I taught last year, and I re-read every last one of them every year. I added a new book to the list this year, which means that I needed to read the new book again, and create lessons to go with it....

This year, I stopped teaching 9th grade English, and I picked up three 10th grade English classes in addition to my two AP literature classes. So, this was a new curriculum for me with new things to teach. I have been reading, studying, and creating lessons for this class as well. I must admit that I have thoroughly enjoyed building this new class, and I am looking forward to next year so that I can work out more of the details.

This school year, I have been doing a whole lot of reading, grading, planning, and creating, AND being extremely busy has caused this year to literally fly by...I am finding it hard to believe that we are in the 4th quarter; it ain't over yet, but we are on the way to the finish line.

If nothing else, this school year has reconfirmed to me that I like learning and growing...

Not only have I been learning and growing in my professional life but in my personal life as well....

Racing on a cycling team has caused me to stretch beyond what I could ever imagine, and I am sooo excited about the possibilities.

I have some other things going on in my personal life that is causing me to stretch and grow, and I am absolutely loving that learning and growth process as well......

My people, this has been a school year for the records books....but I could not imagine living a life where I did not stretch and grow... I don't want it to EVER stop!!!!

One day when I am very old, I hope that I am stretching and growing and having years that are ones for the record books.

My God is Totally Awesome!!!

Happy Friday, My People.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Wild Seed by Octavia Butler

Have you ever read a book and the entire time that you were reading the book, you were wondering "what was on the the mind of the author as she/he were writing that book?" Well, I thought about Octavia Butler from the first to last page of this book and after I finished the novel. I really want to get inside of the brilliant mind of Octavia Butler..

Well, it is not even possible to talk to the late, great Octavia Butler, because she died at the tender age of 58 in 2006. But, I would do almost anything to be able to meet and get to know this incredible writer. I want to know how she came up with a story like Wild Seed!

Wild Seed has a female protagonist named Anyanwu who was born in West African, and she has lived for thousands of years. She is not immortal, but she can heal herself; therefore, she is sort of in control of when and if she dies.

The other protagonist in this story is Doro, and Doro is a spirit. The only way that Doro can manifest himself is through the body of someone whom he kills. So, Doro has to kill people in order to live.

Anyanwu is found by Doro, and he convinces her to travel to America with him where he is gathering people who are 'strange like them," and he is breeding them in order to make more people who will live forever. However, this task seems to be impossible.

This story goes from the years 1690 to 1840, and it mimics the life of someone who leaves African for America and shows the difficulties of trying to take on a new culture.

However, there is another story line that is running that has to do with loneliness and love...

Doro and Anyanwu were both lonely; they have watched all of the people that they care about die and this would go on forever for them; humans eventually die. However, Anyanwu did not like many of the ways of Doro, and she began to resent him and knew exactly what to do so that he could not reach her for long periods of time, but he eventually was always able to reach her.

Anyanwu realized that the only to rid herself of Doro and the things about him that she did not like, was to commit suicide, and Anyanwu was willing to do that. She was willing to die for what she believed in. Doro suddenly realized that "Because of her, he was no longer alone. Because of her, life was suddenly better than it had been for him in centuries, in millenia." So, "There had to be changes. Anyanwu could not have all she wanted, and Doro could no longer have all that he considered his by right."

AND, they lived happily ever-after!

Of course this book made me think about slavery, and love, and loneliness, and I came to two conclusion: humans can adapt and get use to just about anything, and sometimes we must be willing to stand firmly on what we believe and we may be surprised to find out that things just may turn out in our favor.

Very Intriguing book that I highly recommend.

Read and Expand....

The late, great Octavia Butler... Gone to soon!!!

My next read is Americanah by one of my favorite writers: Chimamanda Ngozi...Join Me!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Blessed Assurance

Every time that I read the above quote, my heart skips a beat, and I think to myself Blessed Assurance that after always comes!

I have been on this earth for quite awhile, and I can not remember one time when Spring did not follow winter; it has happened my entire life.

This winter, in the DC area, has been one that has made me think a lot about moving to Sunny California. You know how much I love the DC area, and I never, ever complain about the winter. So, if I had California on my mind, then that should explain the kind of winter that we had.

Tuesday, March 25, YES, almost the very end of March, it snowed just about the entire day, and it was COLD. I finally succumbed to the Blessed Assurance that Spring will come exactly when it is suppose to. There is always an after.

Applying the above quote to other areas of my life, I feel so excited to know that after everything that we go through, Spring always come.

If we would just hold on when we are going through things, the seasons should remind us that there is always an after... The Clouds always move back, and the sun does shine again, and this is a Blessed Assurance.

Today, it is still winter in the DC area and many other parts of the world, BUT Spring always follow winter...

Blessed Assurance!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


My very first racing number!

So, I had my first, cycling race on Sunday, AND I learned a few good lessons....

First, I learned that when I am asked at registration to show my license, I should show my racing license and not my driver's license...(OH BOY!)

Second, I must remind myself to ride my own race.. I can't compare myself to other cyclist. In my next race, I am going to pedal, pedal, pedal...

Third, I learned to never take myself out of the race...I will stop if I get pulled from the race, but I will stay on the course and pedal, pedal, pedal...

Fourth, I learned that I need to train, train, train....

Fifth, I learned that I absolutely love the energy that surrounds a race. It was such a festive but serious environment, and I was extremely happy to be in that number...

My people, I learned some valuable lessons, I have a long way to go, BUT I am going to stay the course...

The Race is Not Given to the Swift, but to the one who endures until the end......

I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Someday is Today!

Right now is the time.....

I've been wanting to travel to Ghana for years, and I mean years. Last summer, while on a biking trip, I had an epiphany moment: Someday is Today!

So, after that biking trip, I started planning to travel to Ghana, and this August, I am traveling to Ghana.

What are you waiting to do that you can do right now?

Don't wait until it's to late.....

Someday is Today!!!
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