Sunday, February 24, 2013

An 11 Minute Video that just may help you to see things differently!

My friend, T. Smith, did it again. I was talking to him this morning, and he told me to watch this video and call him back...I must share it with you:


Please, share your thoughts.

Happy Sunday!!!

If you get this post through email and the video does not show up, go to, and check it out.


Tracy Ricks said...


Jacqueline said...

It gave me so many thing to think about!

Unknown said...

I get goose bumps every time I see it! My math class got the reciprocal lesson of negative exponents once I showed them this. Thanks for posting J. Stallworth.

Jacqueline said...

T. Smith, thanks for sharing... Your students are blessed to have you my brother.

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