Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let's See......

(WARNING: I'm writing this post just because I feel like writing....Nothing really deep for sure!)

I'm super excited that tomorrow is President's Day, and I do not have to go to work. 

When I wake up, I'm going to cook breakfast and go and see the movie Les Miserables. I tried to see it today, but I went to the wrong movie theater. So, I will try it again tomorrow.

One of my students has been telling me about Les Miserables since it came out, and I told her that I would see it this weekend. She has been persistent, so it better be good.

Anyway, I am so happy that I attend a church that makes me feel free to cry, laugh, dance, shout, or do whatever I want to do. 

Today, we had a Black History Program that was put on by the youth of the church, and it was awesome. At one point during the play, the choir was singing this song that said "I've gone through the fire, and I've been through the flood....." and this child came out carrying this huge cross, and I went into the ugly cry. I was thinking about Jesus being put on the cross, and the tears started to flow. The lady sitting next to me gave me a piece of tissue, and she acted liked me crying really hard was normal. I loved that.....

After church, I made this soup that I love that has peanut butter, tomatoes, kale, chick peas, and some spices. I read Life of Pi, and took a quick nap while my soup simmered.

If you want a good, quick soup, then you must try this soup. Just put the ingredients in a pot, and let it simmer for about 45 minutes, and then add the peas, and let it simmer for about five more minute, and yum, yum, yum....

My friend Chee Chee called to catch up, and we decide that we would meet at the Native American museum in order to see this exhibit called "Indivisible" which is about people who have both African American and Native American ancestry.

Well, the exhibit is advertised on the website, but it's no longer at the museum. So, we checked out two other exhibits in the museum:"

Native Americans in the 1905 Inaugural Parade!

I dropped Chee Chee off at his car, and I went to the restaurant Busboy and Poet. The waiter and waitress looked like models so, I took a picture of them for fun; they loved that.

Between tonight and tomorrow I must finish reading Life of Pi, because I will be discussing it with my students on Tuesday, and I am extremely excited about that.

And, I'm so excited about tomorrow being a free day. Did I already say that?

Well, I think that I have filled my desire to write. 

Thanks for reading this post that is NOT about anything REALLY.....

Happy Sunday, and I hope that all of my readers have the day off tomorrow!

Ed and Jerry, two of my faithful readers, I'm not talking about you, because I know that you have EVERYDAY off.....Lucky, Lucky, Lucky neighbors!!!!

I'm gone.....

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