Monday, January 30, 2012

"The Life of Pi" by Yann Martel

Piscine Moliot Patel, also known as Pi, is the main character in Life of Pi. Pi lives in India with his parents and his older brother, Ravi.

Pi's father was a zoo director; therefore, Pi spent a lot of time at the Pondicherry Zoo. His father took quite a drastic measure to show Pi and his brother how deadly animals, such as tigers, can be. A lesson that would save Pi's life later. (God always prepares us for NEXT.)

As a child, Pi loved religion, and he became a practicing Hindu, Christian, and Muslim without his parent's permission.

Pi was out with his parents one day and ran into what he called "The Three Wise Men:" the men who were his religious teachers. The priest said that Pi was a good christian boy; the imam stated that Pi was a good Muslim boy, because he faithfully came to Friday prayer, and he had exceptional knowledge of the Koran;  and the pandit stated that he was a great Hindu, because he frequented the temple for darshan and performing puja.

The three religious leaders got into a huge argument about Pi and his studies. The imam stated that "Hindus and Christians are idolaters. They have many Gods." The pandit stated that "The Muslims have many wives." The priest stated that "There is salvation only in Jesus." All three strongly felt that a person must practice religion singularly and that Pi must chose one. Finally, all eyes were on Pi, and they wanted to know why was he studying these three religions?

Pi stated: "I just wanted to love God."

After this confrontation, Pi stopped attending mass, he no longer went to Friday prayer, and he went to the temple only when it was crowded so that he would not be noticed. Pi decided that he would take matters into his own hands; he asked to be baptised and for a prayer rug. He was determined to be Hindu, Christian and a Muslim; he just wanted to love God.....

Because of the political strife in India, Pi's family decided to leave India and move to Canada. Pi was sixteen years old at this time.

However, the ship that was taking them to Canada sank, and the only survivors were Pi, a tiger, a zebra, an orangutan, and a hyena. He was on a life boat with these dangerous animals. (God always prepares us for NEXT.) All of the other animals were eaten except for Pi and the tiger: the hyena killed the zebra and the orangutan, and the tiger killed the hyena.

Some really unbelievable things happened on that life boat.

Imagine being on a ship with this for seven whole months!

When Pi was finally rescued, he told his incredible story of survival, but the people whom he was telling did not want to believe him; they only wanted to believe what their minds could envision.

When Pi told a story that their minds could wrap around, they believed him. Pi's response was "And so it goes with God!"  It's difficult to believe what we can not rationalize with our minds: mortgages being miraculous paid off, people being healed etc.....

However, I have a true story that confirms that miraculous things are still happening today.

I have been running a lot for two reasons: I love running in cold weather, and I was planning to do a half marathon in Miami this past weekend. So, if you over work your body, it will retaliate: my knee became swollen and sore.

I knew that I was going to Miami, but I was not sure if I would be able to run the race. I laid on the beach Friday with ice on my knee, and I thought about the Life of Pi, my daily bible readings which were about Joesph's brothers selling him into slavery, and I read from my daily word called Jesus is Calling. Finally, out of the my readings, it came to me that God is a healing God, and he can do what does not make sense to the logic.

I rubbed my knee and stated that "it will be healed for the race," and I believed that. Of course doubt came into my mind, but I replaced that with "God is a healing God." I did my part, Advil and Icy Hot creme, and God showed out.

I successfully ran the race and finished. My intention for the race was to start strong and finish strong, and that is what I did. I never run with music, because running is my time to give my undivided attention to God. During the race, I was "raising 'em" and praising HIM as stated by my nephew Vance Lang (Raising my hands and praising HIM), and my knee was more than fine; it was GOOD!

I know that it is difficult to believe what our minds can not logically explain, but God is still performing miracles....

I must give a shout out to Yann Martel for writing Life of Pi that challenges ideas about religion, God, and survival and also for giving me something to turn to when I needed it the most.

Be extremely careful about what you put into your spirit, because that is exactly what you will resort to in your time of need. In a place of need, I instantly pulled on what I put into my spirit: my bible readings, my daily word, and The Life of Pi!

Consider staying in a mode of learning so that you can be prepared for what's NEXT, and NEXT is always coming.

Read The Life of Pi by Yann Martel!!!!!

Me with my running girls before the race.
Look at that left knee: slightly swollen.

 After the race with a healed knee: "raising 'em" and praising HIM!


dorothyreed19 said...

I love the analogy to running, God and The life of Pi.

Ree said...

That was Great! This also means that I get 2 years to prepare for the half marathon instead of the 1 year we spoke of initially :) (encouraged)

Jacqueline said...

Thanks... I'm happy that I am a reader.

AfroDiva said...

Great post!~ God is a healer! We did it! ;-))

Jacqueline said...

Ree, you get as much time as you need... You are the director of your own training. lol

Jacqueline said...

Girl, we did it.... I can't wait until next time.

Anonymous said...

I'm sold! I will definitely be reading The Life of Pi... Awesome post! thanks for the inspiration.

Tracy Ricks said...

AWESOME!!!and yes, he is a healer 1 peter 2;24.

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