Friday, March 16, 2012

Black Women Bike DC (BWBDC)

The Washington Post wrote an article titled "Black Women Take Their Place in DC's Bike lanes" in July 2011, and all I know is that I got tons of emails from my friends about this article, because my friends know that I LOVE to bike.

The article stated that:
"But the racial gap for cycling is huge, both locally and nationally. Cycling advocates and enthusiasts say groups like Black Women Bike DC, which launched on Facebook six weeks ago with three women and now has more than 60 members, could encourage more African Americans to consider biking for transportation and recreation. Those pushing to expand biking infrastructure throughout the city hope that more participation by black cyclists would stem opposition to bike lanes, racks and bike-sharing facilities."
I have been in DC for 12 glorious years, and I have seen lots, and lots of bike lanes pop up all over the place thanks to the former Mayor, Adrian Fenty, and gentrification. The why does not matter to me; I'm just thrilled that the bike lanes exist. However, many of the bikers that I see are White, but I do see Black cyclist as well; I'm one of them.  (For those who may be living somewhere where biking is not that big of a deal, bikes lanes are lanes on the streets that are dedicated for biking.)

Bike Lane!
I have been bike riding for about ten years now, of course I rode as a kid, but I really started riding as an adult about ten years ago. My biggest influence for riding is where I live. The DC area is an outdoor place. On any sunny day, there are lots of cyclist and runners everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Seeing the excitement that biking and running generated in this area, I had to get in on the excitement. A few friends and I bought bikes, and we started riding. I'm not sure if they turned their recreational riding into a passion or not, but I sure have. I absolutely love riding, and I do it often.

Let me tell you why women and men all over the place should consider biking!!!!!

For all of my readers, I really need to let you in on a secret. Quiet as it is kept, biking is the fountain of youth. Yep, it's the fountain of youth. It really is great for the entire body: back, arms, stomach, legs, heart etc, and there is NO wear and tear on the body. A person can really ride forever, and I mean forever:

Couple that I ran into at brunch. They biked from their home to lunch,
and they were leaving to bike and pay some bills. They were in their
late 70's or 80's!
The gear! I love the biking gear. Those tops with the pockets are absolutely adorable, and those biking shorts makes a rider looks like she may have boo boo in her pants, but from the front, they look awesome. For years I rode in shorts and T-shirts, but one day I decided that I wanted to look like a biker. So, I bought the biking clothes, and I must say that the clothes really make me want to bike even more!

The dreaded picture in front of a mirror using a cell phone :(
but the biking gear is cute right?

Last, but not least, biking is fun and builds camaraderie! I have a group that I ride with in my neighborhood, and they are people whom I would never know day to day, but some kind of way, I ended up on their email list, and I love riding with them. We ride, eat breakfast, and ride back home. I am extremely blessed, because I have quite a few co-workers who bike as well, and we bike right after work. I also ride with my friends Nancy, Tammy, and hopefully Rodney soon!

 However, last night, I went to a happy hour hosted by BWBDC, and this opened up a whole new world of cyclist and cycling. We met at this great bar in DC, and talked about biking. You know that I had to show pictures of my new bike. Now, I have a whole new crew of riding buddies. My first ride with them is Sunday at 11. (Mom, don't panic; I"m going to 8am church service. I won't miss church to bike. My priorities are straight.)

I am soooo grateful to The Washington Post for writing that article, otherwise, I would have never found BWBDC. And, I am equally grateful for all of my friends who read The Washington Post article and made sure that I read it as well!

People, here is another option to get fit for life alone with good, clean eating, and all of the other exercises that you may do.

If you live somewhere where people do not bike, start packing your bags NOW!!!!


Chance said...

Hello, is that your picture at the top of the post with the other two cyclists? If so, can I use that picture on a handout I'm making for a bike commuting booth we're doing at my workplace in a couple of weeks? It's non-commercial use only. Hope you won't mind,

Chance Williams

Jacqueline said...

Chance, thanks for stopping by, and you may use the picture. I'm in the middle. Also, could you send me a copy of the brochure once it's done?

Chance said...

Thank you so much, this is just myself and a couple of guys at work setting up a table before BTWD at our job, so nothing fancy, but I'll send it to you as soon as I'm finished. Thanks again. :)

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