Friday, July 4, 2014

Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones

Before I start to tell you about this awesome novel by Tayari Jones, I must tell you about the Mercy of God...

In the DC area, it has been incredibly hot, and of course I didn't waste my time complaining; God knows weather. I continued to be grateful for summer and spent a considerable amount of time outside. Yep, I did!

Yesterday was another hot day; however, during the evening, we received rain.

This morning, on the 4th of July, I got up to go to Whole Foods, one of my favorite places in the world, and when I stepped outside, I was greeted by the most pleasant weather. I left Whole Foods, traveled to Old Town to shop, and hurried home to sit on my balcony to enjoy the Mercy of God!

God is merciful and knows how much we can bear. After those sweltering few days, he sent Mercy.

How Great is Our God......(Smiling from ear to ear!)

Sooooooo, early this week, my sister, Dot, sent me a text and asked if I had read Silver Sparrow? I stated "No," and she went on to tell how great this novel is. Of course, I downloaded it, and read it.

Dot was right, this book is awesome...

Tayari Jones can write (PERIOD)...Very similar to how Toni Morrsion does in Song of Solomon, Tayari has quite a few characters in this story, and through a very clever use of plot and character development, she helps the reader to understand every last one of the characters.

Dana, is a silver sparrow, and a silver sparrow is a person who is a 'secret child.' Dana's mom conceived her with a married man. The married man had another daughter, Chaurise, with his wife. Dana and her mother knew about Chaurise and her mother. However, Chaurise and her mother knew nothing about Dana and her mother; they were a secret.

Dana was told early on that she was a secret, and her entire life was devoted to keeping her life a secret from Chaurise and her mother.....I can not and do not want to image being a secret.

Reading this novel, I thought a lot about what it must mean to a child to know that he/she is a secret. I thought a lot about why would a woman have a child with a married man. I thought a lot about women, our place in this world, our happiness, and our Power!

Very thought provoking novel with characters that will be on my mind for quite awhile...

By the way, as I am writing this post, the wind is blowing and God is saying that he loves me and is rewarding me with great weather for not complaining about the heat earlier in the week...(I'm the apple of his eye!)

Read Tayari Jones' Silver Sparrow.....

Tayari Jones

Enjoy the 4th of July, My People!

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