Monday, July 21, 2014

Have I Told You Lately That...

I love Berhane and working out with him?

Berhane and Me!

Berhane is not only an awesome trainer who accepts no excuses, but he is also a good person. I love working out with him by myself, because it is therapeutic. He helps me to see things from different perspectives, he is patient, he is kind, he is non-judgemental, and he cares about my health just as much as I do; I wouldn't take nothing for Berhane

I love where I live?

View from my balcony

I absolutely love my condo, my balcony with the rocking chairs, the City of Alexandria, Washington DC etc. I love this place. The possibility of things to do is endless. Museums, plays, festivals, concerts, parties, happy hours, biking groups, running groups, nearby beaches, nearby national attractions, countless numbers of restaurants etc. Living here is like being on vacation all of the time... I LOVE WHERE I LIVE!

I love early morning cycling workouts?

My cycling friends

Yep, I do. I normally meet my teammates Patti and Tina about two days a week around 6am for some sho 'nuff hard workouts. We talk, laugh, are supportive of each other, have great conversation, and if we are lucky like today, after our rides, we go to a local coffee shop for coffee. I love those morning cycling workouts.

I love not working in the summer?

Summer Time Fun!

My people, to have the stress of work off my back for about nine weeks is really heaven on earth. My Sundays are no longer days where I am a little uptight, because I need to prepare for work on Monday. Sundays are relaxing days just like Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday......The peace that I feel right now is soooo good. I have time to think and evaluate and work on me with few pressures. I love extended time off like for real!

Not sure if I have told you these things lately......

Happy Monday, My People!

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