Thursday, July 3, 2014

Intentional Thursday: Non-Judgement

Well, two summers ago, I wrote blogs that I called Thankful Thursday, and I wrote about things that I was Thankful for, and last summer I wrote blogs every Thursday that were called What I know for Sure Thursday, and I focused on things that I know for sure. However, I could not think of what I should write about on Thursdays this summer, so I figured that I just wouldn't do a focused, Thursday writing. However, The Power of Intention was sent to me, and every Thursday this summer, I am going to write about something that we can do intentionally for the entire week and hopefully for the rest of our lives... I am soooooo excited!

From today until next Thursday, let's practice not judging anything or anybody, because a lot of our judging is often negative and negative thoughts can make us feel some kind of way like frustrated or unhappy. AND, who wants to live their life frustrated or unhappy? For many of us, this may be quite difficulty, and we may slip up and that's ok....Just get back on the non-judgement track!

What I mean about not judging is to eat dinner and not say or think that it is good or bad; it just is. Don't see a person and think or say "Why is she doing this or that;" allow that person to just be. In every situation that you are put in this week, just be presence, aware, and accept it. You will accept people how they are, the weather as it is, you meals as they are, the slow driver as he/she is.....

I'm going to Vegas with a friend on Monday. We all know that Vegas is HOT in the summer, and I will not judge the weather, my friend, other people, my meals; I am going to be present in every moment without judgement... None of that "Why is the waitress slow?" or "Why is she in the shower for so long?" or "It is soooo hot here."

Let's practice not judging for an entire week, and let's see how it goes.

If you want to know more about non-judgment please read The Power of Now  by Eckhart Tolle.

Let me know how it goes this week.....

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