Sunday, January 13, 2013

100 sho' looks and feels good to me!

Deanne: Super Delta

I am writing this post in memory of my dear friend, Deanna, who suddenly transitioned from this life to another in November. Deanna loved Delta Sigma Theta, the national public service organization that she and I are both members of, so much. Deanna is what I would call a super Delta, because she showed her love for Delta by being one of the most active members that I know. During the Ecumenical service this morning and last night on the campus of Howard University, I thought about Deanna and almost went into the ugly cry, because she was not here with us in body to celebrate 100 years of sisterhood.

Sooooo, here's to Deanna:

Thousands of women who are members of Delta Sigma Theta descended on the Nation's Capital in order to celebrate. 100 years ago, twenty-two strong women started a sorority that would change the world forever. I wonder if they had any idea that they had started a organization that would last for over 100 years and have over 300,000 members worldwide? Did they know that their organization would service the world in so many ways?

Founder's of Delta Sigma Theta

I wish that those twenty-two BOLD women could have seen the way that the organization was welcomed back home to Howard University.

When I first got to Howard University last night, where Delta Sigma Theta was founded, there were not many women there yet, and I was able to talk to some sorors and take a picture with a sculpture called "Fortitude" which was unveiled on April 28, 1979 to honor the founders.

Me at "Fortitude!"
You know that I am silly and could not resist taking this one!

I wish that those twenty-two bold women could have seen those thousands of women who took over the campus of Howard University last night. When the clock struck twelve, which meant that it was officially Jan 13, 2013, the excitement in the crowd could not be contained.

The Crowd
The Crowd!
Traci and Me with "Fortitude" in the background!

"100 sho' looked and felt so gooooooood last night"

After a late night at Howard University, I got up to go and have "church" with the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta.

There is a gospel singer whom I absolutely love to hear minister through song, and her name is Maurette Brown Clark, and she just happens to be a Delta. Well, I listen to two of her songs regularly: "Just Want to Praise You" and "It Ain't Over." And guess who was on program at the service today, and guess what two songs she sang?

Maurette Brown Clark

Thousands of Delta women and guest were at this service. I mean, this service was awesome with all of the pomp and circumstances that go with dignified services. The National President, Cynthia M.A. Butler McIntyre, and many other distinguished guests spoke, many songs were sang, there was dancing, there were great prayers, and an awesome sermon.

Delta Sigma Theta's National President

I sat with a high school classmate and soror during the service, and after the service, I met up with my cousin who is also a Delta and currently lives in Houston, Texas. (Ain't nothing like reconnecting in the name of sisterhood.)

High School classmate and soror!
Cousins and Sorors!

I left the services feeling fired up about Jesus, sisterhood, and Delta Sigma Theta, and NOW, I am officially tired!

When I looked over the crowd last night and this morning, I thought to myself  "100 sho' looks and feels good to me!"

Deanna, you would have been thrilled with your soul stepping sorors of DST....

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