Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Let's Do This People!!!!!

Image from The Montgomery Boycott!

I love the idea of February being set aside to honor Black History.

My sister, Tracy, and I were talking about giving up something for the month of February in order to confirm that power belongs to God, and that power is inside of us.

As we were talking, I starting thinking about the people who participated in The Montgomery Bus Boycott. "From 1955 to 1956, ninety percent of Montgomery, Alabama bus riders boycotted the public transportation system. During that time they organized, mobilized, walked, prayed and they endured taunts, humiliation and violent attacks until their demands were met." ( ( 

So, we thought that we would give up something this month and ask others to join us in order to honor the spirit of the people of The Montgomery Boycott and to also tap into the power that God has given us.

Here is the plan in the words of Tracy, my sister:

I am so excited about 2013!! I am determined not to let anything or anyone stop me from reaching my goals this year. I have made a decision to lay aside ANY weights that can so easily ensnare me, but I know this will take some serious self discipline! According to some reports, it takes at least 21 days to start the lifelong process of making or breaking a habit. During the month of February, which is only 28 days, I have made a choice to give up any weights, including Facebook, that might be holding me back (Not that FB is bad, but it can become addictive and a time stealer.) lol!! I began to explain to my kids that I am proving to MYSELF that nothing can have control over me, and of course self control is a fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22,23)! They became so excited, and our 8 year old son who LOVES his video games said, "Mom, I'll give up my video games, my 11 year old who LOVES ice cream said "I'll join you, and I'll give up my ice cream. Then our 7 year old said with excitement "I'm giving up juice and sweets!" I explained to them that this is by choice and might not be easy, but with prayer and the power of God, we can make this fast a success! After sharing with my husband Pastor Rex, he also decided to join us in this challenge! He is presently teaching a series that Self discipline is a MUST to obtain success in any area of our lives, and our family is definitely preparing for success!! We have decided to take control over our lives and run with endurance this race that is before us....and YOU are invited to join us and take on this challenge!!

Tracy Stallworth Ricks

Remember, if you take something away, you may need to replace that with something else: Rexie giving up video games means that he may need to replace the time spent on video games with reading; Christina giving up ice cream may need to replace ice cream with an apple; and Tia giving up juice may need to replace the juice with water. (Try and make the replacement something that is good for you.)

So, my readers, consider joining us by giving up something that may be controlling you, or hindering you from reaching your goals, or may be taking away from the Glory that belongs to God.

I'm giving up Facebook as well, not that it's bad or that I waste a lot time on it, but I want to make sure that with everything that I do, I seek the approval of God and not others, and I want to make sure that I personally connect with people this month.

Let's Do This People!!!

Remember that our start date is February 1st, but it's never to late to start.

I will post a follow-up blog mid-February to check in and a final blog at the end of the month where I will post some of our success stories. (That means you my readers.)

If you go to my profile on this blog, click on email, and send me a message at anytime. If you have a message for Tracy, I will make sure that she gets it.

A Dream Begins With One Step.... Just think about the people of The Montgomery Boycott whose dream literally started with one step.

Get to stepping "My People!"

Rex Sr., Christina, Rexie, Tia, and Tracy!


Boss Life said...

Love it!!!

TJ said...

I'm in! I've just gotta figure out what I need to give up. I'm thinking it will be health-related, though. I may need to join Tia. Juice has started to slowly creep back into our house. I'm determined to stay on track!

Jacqueline said...

Ladies, I am so excited...

TJ, you already know that juice is a silent killer. lol

candi said...

I'm in! I actually started on Monday. This year is the 50th annv. Of the March on Washington. We definitely need to pause for the cause!

Jacqueline said...

Candi, I am so excited that you are in. "Pause for the Cause" that should be our slogan for this month! lol

Tracy loves "Pause for the Cause!"

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