Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Tuesday Night Rides

Last school year, the school where I currently teach started a biking club. Being that I love to bike, I asked the club's leader to put me on their email list. I would get emails about Tuesday night bike rides at FreshBikes. For whatever reason, I never did those rides. (Thank God that I never did those rides, because there was no way that me on my hybrid bike would have ever been able to take those hills.

This past spring when I got my new road bike, and I would get the emails from coworkers about bike rides, I would participate. So, one email was sent about the Tuesday night bike rides at Freshbikes. I inquired about the bike rides and no one told me that the ride was extremely hilly and quite difficult. My coworkers just stated that I should come out. And come out, I did!

My first ride was quite intimidating. The bikers were all suited up in their biking gear and their rock solid bodies. My initial thought was to not do the ride, but if you know anything about me, I do not shy away from challenges, and so I did the ride.

That first ride was completely awful. I had not idea that the hills were like Goliath from The Bible: huge giants. However, I thought about what God told Moses and his people: "Don't worry about the giants; go and possess the land." So, I decided that I would go back week after week and "possess the land."

I know the value of seeking wisdom, so I went and spoke with the school's Guru bike rider for pointers on how to slay Goliath. I drew diagrams on his board, and he gave me pointers. Boy, did it help. (Good counsel never hurts.) I've been going back week after week and Goliath is still a  threat, but he no longer frightens me. I see him on the course, but I instantly think  "I will possess the land."

An added bonus to the ride is that on the first Tuesday of each month, Freshbikes offers free food from Baja Fresh with beer after the bike rides. I love first Tuesday nights the most: good ride, good people, and beer. (Berhane, the best trainer in the world, I normally don't drink the beer, but Tuesday night I just had to have some. Please forgive me and don't make me pay for the beer when I do my next workout.)

Today, I am Thankful for Tuesday Night Bike Rides that are assisting me in meeting other riders and to get stronger and slay those giants.

Two friends and cyclist who came out to eat,
but did not ride. Something is just not right about that  :)

Getting Ready!

Gear on!

Check out Will's great blog about racing!

Sisters were ready!
The Group was in place!

The Group started!
Sitting on the ground eating after the race!

Eating and talking!

Working the Keg!

Baja Fresh tent!

Find things that you love to do, and do them often!

Happy Thankful Thursday......


will said...

Awesome Blog.. Thanks for the shout out.. I will start following your blog as well.. GREAT RIDING!!!!!!!

Jacqueline Stallworth said...

Will, thanks for reading! I'll be in "The Dirty South" next Tuesday but will be back the following week working too always be a stronger rider....

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