Sunday, July 1, 2012

I can never say no to Rock Creek Park!

Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Park is a "Jewel in the City." It has a stream, lots of woods, small picnic areas, running and biking trails and lots of nature. When a person is in Rock Creek Park, it is very difficult to remember that he is in DC. It feels like Georgia, Alabama, Lousiana or anywhere else that is known for having a lot of woody areas.

Today, one of the hottest days of the summer, it's 98 degrees, I met ladies from the group, Sassy Sister Cycling at 1pm to do a bike ride through Rock Creek Park. (Sounds crazy, but Rock Creek Park is very shady.)

I could have stayed in the air conditioning, but I can never resist a ride through the "Jewel in the City:" Rock Creek Park.

Riding Buddies

Getting Ready

The person who initiated this ride on one of the hottest days of the
summer so far. She is fanning!

The Stream in Rock Creek Park.

Me in Rock Creek Park.

You must experience Rock Creek Park!

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