Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thankful Thursday: A Peaceful Run

Let's start with: I love where I'm from! I grew up in Mt.Vernon, Alabama, not far from Mobile, Alabama, where everbody knows each other. I've been visiting my sister, Janet, and I instantly reverted back to that Southern feeling: going to people houses to eat butter beans, waving at everyone person whom I see, eating fish that has come fresh out the water and dogs that are not on leashes...Oh the joys of the South.

Monday, I overslept and did not get the chance to run, and it rained that evening and so that canceled my evening run.

But Tuesday, I was determined to get my run in. Yes, it's hot in Alabama, but I still needed to run. I woke up at 8am, put on my running gear, got my water, and an apple and headed to park and run near the Middle School that I use to attend: Belsaw Middle School.

I started my run, and I really did not feel that hot. I thought "I can do this." I ran down one street and then the next street and my first mile was 10 minutes 30 seconds. However, all of a sudden, I started to feel like a slug; it was hot as s#%t and humid, and I felt like I was trying to run through a swimming pool, but I kept on chugging alone. I had to run at least four miles.

I turned down one street and there were two really small dogs who were not on leashes, and they were barking as loud as they could and running towards me. My heart started to race, and I know country dogs, and I knew that if I said "GET," they might leave me alone. So, I said "GET," but they continued to chase me. I was running and kicking at them at the same time. (Something like running kickboxing.) Finally, they turned back, but more dogs appeared barking to the top of their lungs. Maybe one was on a leash, and two were behinds gates, but the others, which seem to be about 5 to 10 of them, were not on leashes and were furiously barking. My heart was racing. I was screaming "leave me the f@#k alone." (Did I say that it was hot and humid, and I felt like I was trying to run in a swimming pool? So, you know I couldn't pick up much speed.) Finally, they left me alone. I turned down another street and there were even more dogs that were not on leashes. DAMN!!! ( I am really trying to understand why people just let their dogs run loose.)

Therefore, I spent the entire run trying to find streets that were dog free. (Impossible.) Finally, I decided to run on the main street with no shade, and remember that I am in that Alabama heat and it had to be the hottest morning of the year. So, I started to run/walk, because I was feeling faint and did not have a water bottle with me. I thought "I must make it to the Post Office," and I finally did. (I was so happy to see that Post Office.) I went inside The Post Office and basically begged for a cup of water, and the nice Post Office lady gave me a Styrofoam cup full of water. (What joy!) I gulped it down and proceeded to run/walk back to Belsaw Middle School so that I could make it to the car for relief from the heat and those dogs.

Well, I tried different streets on the way back, but every street had dogs that were not on leashes. Finally, I decided that I must pick up a stick and charge any dog that came my way. Most of the dogs saw me, and decided  that I was not worth the energy in the heat, but the same really, small ones that I saw at the beginning of the run, decided that they would try me again, but this time, I had my stick.

The stick didn't scare them, and they stayed on my heels until I got to the end of their street. (Those small dogs are the worse.)

Needless to say, I finished the run, but I could not help but think about my Peaceful Runs back in Virginia. (Oh, the little things.)

So, today, after that eventful run in Mt.Vernon, Alabama,  I am Thankful for my peaceful runs in the DC area where the dogs are on leashes and the heat, on most days, is bearable.

When I finally get home, and I go for a run, I will not complain about a d@#m thing, and I mean it.

There is no place like home....SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!!

Happy Thankful Thursday My People!!!!!!

Do something that brings you complete joy today.

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