Friday, October 9, 2015

House Girl by Tara Conklin

I needed to take a mental break from some of the heavy readings that I had been doing, and so I picked up a book about reparations... I need help!

This story goes back and forth between the years of 1852 during slavery times to 2004 in New York City. This going back forth reminded a lot of what Octavia Butler did with Kindred. I find this type of writing to be quite engaging and suspenseful.

Josephine is a slave who is thinking of running away, and Lina is a New York attorney who has been given a case on reparation.... Well, Josephine is an artist, but her owner takes credit for her work, and Lina is trying to prove that Josephine is the rightful artist, and she’s also trying to find Josephine’s relatives in order to sue for reparation. You following me?

Now, this premise is awesome, each story is written in a manner that was engaging initially, especially the slavery parts, but along the way, Tara was not able to hold my interest. I did finish the book, but....

At the end, Tara infused a lot of letters to tell the story, and she stopped telling a straight forward story, and I got bored.

I like for writers to tie up the end of a story, and Tara just did not do that.

I won’t give up on Tara yet and will definitely read something else by her!

In the meantime, God has been tugging at my heart to make a drastic move, and the tug is so great until I must answer the call. I’ve been talking this over with my sister, Tracy, and she recommended that I read Destiny by T.D. Jakes. Soooo, that is what I have already started reading, and I am loving every page.

Happy Friday!

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