Monday, October 19, 2015


So, I have been thinking a lot about passion and destiny, and this past weekend I had the opportunity to hear the famed illustrator, Jerry Pinkney, talk about his passion: Books! (Check out his website here.)

Jerry has been drawing all of his life, but he began to illustrate books in 1964, and he spoke about illustrating as if he had just started his career: with complete passion and joy.

Jerry talked about the idea that he has always wanted to create something to share, and I think that our passions and destinies are all about other people.. strange right, but I do believe this with my whole heart. I just know that when people look at these great creations by Jerry, they add something to their lives, if nothing but pure joy. And, we all know that pure joy is priceless. He even stated that talking about his work, and seeing our smiling faces in the audience, brought him joy. So, Jerry gives us joy through his books, and he gets that joy right back. (We are all connected!)

Jerry also stated that his great creations do not just happen; they take hard work to complete! (Even if we are operating in our passion or destiny; it still takes hard work.) Now, I know that all dreams come through activity, but you know, when Jerry stated this, it resonated. I am passionate about teaching and books and cycling and working out, and all of these things require a little sweat. However, working on these passions do not always feel like work, because I am passionate about them.

God is requiring me to go in a different direction, and I must admit that I am feeling anxious when I think about the effort that is required to go in a new direction. However, I am trying to remember that the work will feel good and productive if it's my passion. (Trying desperately to remember that work gets me to the next level, and I love doing it.)

Jerry sold newspapers when he was around thirteen, and one day this man, Mr. Lonnie, asked him to see his drawings. Well, Mr. Lonnie was an illustrator, and he allowed Jerry into his studio. Jerry stated that he never thought that he could make a living by being an illustrator, and he went on to state that "The seed of possibility was planted, and we need to see it sometimes in order to know that it is possible." So, you know I have been thinking about the power of visualization, and I have actually being visualizing my next move: how it feels, how it looks etc. (It's amazing how much I use my mind without a television in my house.)

So, in the words of Jerry Pinkney "Passion is like candy; the more you taste it, the more you want it."

Happy Monday!!

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