Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Universe Has a Sense of Humor.....

Cycling with my girl Lydia!

A few days back I wrote a blog, and I publicly declared that I want to be a hill killer; I desire to slay hills on my bike....

Well, we must be careful about what comes out of our mouths, because I know that we are all creating our lives based on our words. (Your tongue is powerful.)

After that declaration, the universe sent my teammates, Sean and Lydia, right away... My magic genies!

The day that I made that public declaration of wanting to slay hills, I received a text from my teammate, and Sean never sends me text, stating that he was goings to Hains Point to ride, and he asked if I wanted to come along. Hains Point is a small area of DC that is surrounded by water, and that is where you can find cyclist training everyday.

Now, let me tell you about Sean. He is a driven guy; his work ethic is truly amazing. When Sean trains, he trains hard and with enthusiasm, and it is quite contagious. Sean is the guy that I told you about who followed me an entire CX race on foot, cheering and encouraging me until I crossed the finish line. Sean is truly a selfless person who will enthusiastically push a person to her limit.


So, when he asked me to train with him, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to ride with Sean. I rode my bike out to Hains. Sean explained the workout out to me, and then he ran me in the ground. A few times I wanted to say that I needed a break, but I just kept on pushing myself. I finished the workout, and when I finally made it home, my legs were done.... However, the workout that we did is great for conditioning a racer. (The Universe Responds To Our Request.)


My teammate Lydia asked me to meet her at a bike shop to do a computraining class, and at first I said ok, then I changed my mind; I didn't want to ride inside on a beautiful day. Computraining is a class where a cyclist put his bike on a computer and the computer simulate courses which always include hills.

After a little coercion, I agreed, and today we trained on the computrainer, and of course we had some good hill practice.

After the class, we headed outside to do an easy spin on a beautiful day.

We were riding along, and I was practicing high cadence, because my legs were completely exhausted from the ride the day before with Sean and computraining. Lydia asked if I wanted to do hill repeats, and I let her know quickly that I just did not have the legs for it.

However, we got to a big hill, and Lydia said that she was going to climb it. I declined and told her that I would just spin around until she returned.

Lydia started to climb that hill and the universe stated "I thought you wanted to be a hill slayer." So, I started to climb that huge hill that turned into more and more hills, and my legs actually did not rebel.

After the climbs I felt a sense of accomplishment, and we continued our ride. (The Universe Responds To Our Request.)

Now, I publicly stated that I wanted to be a hill slayer, and the universe, almost instantaneous, sent the training my way. (Be conscious about every single word that comes out your mouth.)

My people, when we speak, the universe answers, and it does have a sense of humor....

Make sure that you are ready to receive whatever you speak into existence!

Happy Thursday!


Unknown said...

Love this Jackie. one of my favorite quote is "the most important qualification for becoming a champion is an intense, burning desire." Keep at it.

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment Lydia. I love that quote as well...

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