Sunday, April 19, 2015

Racing Season 2 Race #3: All American Road Race

Tina and I after the race!

Race #3 was a forty mile road race that was held in Poolesville, MD...

Wasn’t sure about doing this race, but I checked the weather for Saturday and thought that I might as well race on an 80 degree day in April.

I must really be settling into racing, because when I arrived at the race site, I was not nervous at all. My teammates and I registered, warmed our legs up, went to the start line, talked to the other women, and started the race.

The course was a rolling hill course, and I am comfortable with rolling hills. I stayed with the pack for quite awhile, and it felt very good. I was shifting gears, staying close to the wheel in front of me, and being in the moment.

However, after about forty-minutes of race pace, I sort of lost steam. I was feeling quite exhausted and needed a few minutes to catch my breath. Well, me catching my breathe gave the other racers the opportunity to get quite a lead on me, and I never could quite catch back up.

However, you know me! I refused to give up and rode my own race, pounding the pavement hard, giving it my all, and I finished.

It felt good to cross the finish line knowing that I had given my all, and I publicly declared that I ain’t giving up yet. Sooooo, I am talking to a cycling coach in order to get help with pushing through the pain and staying with the pack the entire race. Yep, I’m getting help and going back. As a matter fact, I am racing Saturday and Sunday next weekend. (EXCITED!)

Don’t count me out yet!

Until the next time.......

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