Sunday, April 26, 2015

Racing Season 2 Race # 4: Tour of Page County - A Stage Race

Tour of Page County was held in Luray, Virginia which is about an hour outside of DC...

Before I tell you about the race, I must tell you about the town of Luray and its splendor. It is a town that is surrounded by greenery and the most beautiful mountains. My teammates and I rented a house that was sitting on top of a beautiful hill and every view from the house featured one of those wonderful mountains. One of the many reason why I love living in the DC area is that mountains, beaches, and other cities are quite near and accessible.

Tour of Page County is a stage race which means that on the first day there is a 46 mile road race, and on the second day there is a Timed Trial which is a racer riding as fast as he can and then being ranked against other racers, and then there is the criterium which is a race where racers cycle around a mile or more loop for about thirty to forty minutes. A cyclist must finish the road race in order to do the Timed Trial and Crit. Lots of racing in two days, but it can be so much fun.

So, the race started at 8:10am, and it was about 43 degrees. Now, I don’t mind riding in cold weather in the winter, but it’s just not what I am trying to do in late April. I sort of feel like there is no reason to ride in cold weather in April when I can ride in 70 degree weather if I would only be patient, and I have no problem with being patient.

We got to the race site, registered, pinned our numbers on, talked to other cyclists, rode around for a little while to warm up, and started the race...

I was feeling good at first, just like in all of my races, but I got to the first hill, and I just couldn’t keep race pace, and to be honest, I did not really try... I just was not feeling the cold weather and those hills. We were suppose to do four laps that would equal 46 miles, but I did one lap and rode back to the finish line to drink coffee, talk to the volunteers, and to warm up in the high school that was being used for the race.

This is the very first race EVER where I received a DNF (Did Not Finish) next to my name. I am not happy about that, but I am not sad either. I am where I am, and it’s ok. I thought about the idea of knowing when to keep pushing and when to give up, and today was not a day for me to keep pushing.

However, I must admit that for a few minutes I allowed myself to have negative thoughts: “Maybe I shouldn’t race anymore this season....” However, I instantly countered those thoughts with  "Success is not always easy or quick. Success is not accidental. I ain't giving up what I love, because I ain’t seeing success right away.”

Now, I told you that this is a stage race, and a racer must finish the road race in order to do the other two races that were held the next day.  So, I couldn’t race the next day. So, I drank wine, ate pizza, and enjoyed this awesome house on a hill.

I totally believe in coaching or getting help. I know that Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Serena and Venus, and all other talented athletes would not be great if they did not have coaches. Yea, I believe that there is value in coaching.

So, I contacted this coach who coaches quite a few other racers whom I know, and we are going to start my coaching at the beginning of May. I absolutely love structure and can’t wait to get structured workouts that will enable me to become a faster, stronger rider. I ain’t the one who gets a coach and then dread doing the workouts or complain; I will do my workouts religiously, because I know that consistency is the key to any change.

I really love racing, and I know that being a stronger, faster racer will help me to enjoy racing so much more.

I am extremely excited about the future....

Read about Tour of Page County from last year here.

Find a hobby that you love and become its slave!

I love traveling and racing with my teammates! 

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