Saturday, March 14, 2015

This Little Book Right Here: Bicycle Love Poems by Nikki Giovanni

Nikki Giovanni is hands down one of my favorite poets of all times.

She writes about things such as love and family, and she uses eloquent, simple language and rhyme schemes which always evoke some type of emotion from me.

I picked up this wonderful little book of poetry, Bicycles Love Poems, a few months back, and My People, it is delightful from the first page until the last.

Here is one of my favorite poems from this very special book of poetry:

I Am A Mirror
Nikki Giovanni

I am a mirror

I reflect the grace 
  Of my mother

The tenacity
Of my grandmother

The patience
Of my grandfather

The sweat
Of my great-grandfather

The hope
Of my great-great-grandfather

The songs
Of my ancestors

The Prayers
Of those on the auction block

The bravery
Of those in the middle passage

I reflect the strengths
of my people
And for that alone

I am loved

This little book of poetry is totally delightful.... Try it if you dare!


ArchivedProfile said...

I haven't been able to get into poetry, but I'm starting to feel like I'm missing out. I'll search for one of her collections next time I got to the used book sale.

Jacqueline said...

Nikki's poetry is a good place to start in order to absolutely love poetry. I love to listen to her poetry collection, that was nominated for a grammy, in my car; Completely delightly.

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