Friday, March 13, 2015


Kindness #1

It was a normal day of school when a student asked if he could come during my planning period to make up an essay that he missed the previous week.

During my planning period, he crossed my mind, but he did not show up. However, I got an email from him that stated that "he fumbled." He forgot to come, and wanted to know if he could write the paper the following day.

Now, I am very particular about students doing things in a timely fashion, but I've learned to not sweat the small stuff; children will be children.

I sent him a note that said something like, "No problem, see you tomorrow."

I didn't check my emails anymore until the next day, but he sent me an email to ask how much sugar and cream do I like in my coffee, and he brought me coffee and sat it on my desk.

This made grading that late paper so much better...

Kindness #2

I have a student who has seizures.

He has had two seizures in the classroom so the students, my co-teacher, and I sort of know what to look for that indicates that this student is going to have a seizure.

One day, a student saw the sign of the seizure, and he lightly tapped my co-teacher, and we were able to get help right away.

He quietly noticed and took action!

Kindness #3

The bells sounds and the students are in the classroom and in rolls my student who is currently in a wheel chair.

We have a routine that we do when he comes into the classroom; someone will get up and move the desks so that he has room for his wheelchair and a place to write.

Now, when he rolls in, without me having to say one word, the students seamlessly do our routine so that this student can be comfortable and in his rightful place.

Train up a child in the way that he should go.....


In schools and the world, there are so many things that happen daily that are not good at all, but I have decided that I love the good things and will focus on them and allow them to grow.

Happy Friday!!!

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