Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Good Soil!

Former student and me!

Children are always Good Soil.....

I remember working in our garden with my Dad and my sister Tracy. I can lovingly remember that Alabama soil. It was dark, thick, and malleable. If handled with special care, that soil could produce food over and over again, and children are the same way. If handled with care, they will yield good crop over and over.

I recently reconnected with a former student that I taught around twelve years ago, and she mentioned that she and I did not have the best relationship, but she also remembered that  we share the same birthday, and that we are both the ninth child in our families. (Swoon!)

I am in a hair transition stage, and that's another blog for another day, and I came across this former student's Facebook page. She braids hair, and I had been entertaining getting my hair braided. I sent her a message, and she pinned me down to a date and reassured me that "It'll be fine; I promise."

This former student braided my hair, and our relationship was no longer teacher and student, but a familiar relationship between a stylist and her unsure client.

When I taught this student, it was in one of the worse yet most rewarding teaching situations. That school had non-effective administrators and horrible working conditions but some of the greatest students that I have ever taught and some of the most gifted and talented teachers that I have ever worked with. 

Based on the patience and respect that this former student displayed as she braided my hair, even if the teaching and learning environments were not ideal, quite a few of the seeds and the soil managed to flourish.

 Having my hair braided by my former student had the feel of reaping a good harvest.

Teaching is one of those careers where a person may not always feel valued or appreciated, but I always remind myself that this job is about my growth and the soil in which I plant my seeds.

Former student from that same school who is a Spelman College and Columbia University Graduate: Good Soil!

Children are Good Soil!

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