Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I am enough!

Doing my thing at the African American Read-In

Today was one of those days....

You know those days where you question everything, every decision, and everybody. The kind of day when you feel like an impostor; like you may not be the person who you are presenting to the world.

Today, I needed to be told that I am enough, and my new friend, Darcy, you know the lady who I met at Wholefoods, did just that without me asking for it. I guess she sensed, through my rambling, that I needed confirmation that I am enough.

If you have not told yourself that you are enough lately, you should do it right now....
"Treat people as they are, and they will continue to be as they are; treat people as they ought to be ie: loving, compassionate souls realizing they are enough, and they will have no choice but to become better more loving souls through their own discover."
Thanks Darcy, I needed this quote today!

My People, reach out and touch someone.

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