Sunday, February 8, 2015

Don't Trust Your Emotions, because They are Fickle!

Great ride on a 60 degree day in February!

I believe that one of the reasons why we were put on this earth is to enjoy ourselves.....

I don't believe in doing anything that does not bring me some kind of reward or joy. If I hated my job, trust and believe that I would search until I found another one. (I changed jobs until I found one that was a fit.) 

I think that our hobbies should definitely bring us joy. I thoroughly enjoy reading, writing, going to museums, going to plays, cycling, and the minute that any of my hobbies start to cause me any type of undue stress, then I know that it is time to either re-evaluate the hobby or stop doing it.

You know that I absolutely love to cycle. So, training a whole lot is quite enjoyable to me. I happily ride my bike about five days a week and each and every time, I give it my all. I love the rewarding feeling of working hard and smart and seeing results.

However, Saturday I was really reconsidering whether or not I enjoy cycling anymore....

I went out to ride with the team, it was extremely cold, and the team ride seemed ridiculously hard. For some reason, maybe it was the route or maybe the team was riding faster than we normally do, I was getting my butt kicked. I even had to swallow my pride and walk up one of those damn hills. Eventually, the team disappeared, and I ended up riding back home by myself.

I was feeling no joy, and my thoughts were running completely out of control. Every negative thought that you can possibly imagine, I was thinking them including "Cycling does not bring me joy anymore."

But, I started to remember that I love riding my CX bike on gravel in the woods; that's where I commune with God. I also remembered that I have a group of friends that were going to ride gravel today. I checked in with my off-road buddies, and this morning, I was riding again.

We rode, and talked, and noticed nature, and had lunch outside in Georgetown in 60 degree weather....

My People, I am back In Love!

Don't Trust Your Emotions, because They are Fickle!

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