Monday, August 12, 2013

Why I Love GROUP Cycling, and It Is All About the Soul!

Biking Group Summer 2013

I absolutely love group cycling. There is something about being in the great outdoors with other cyclist that really makes my soul glad.

Now, we all know that exercise is great for our bodies. When I was in Columbus a few weeks back for a biking conference, one of the physicians who came to talk to us about health stated that our bodies were meant to move, and our bodies respond negatively to not moving. Also, we all know that the heart and all of our internal organs need exercise and responds very well to it. And, cycling is good for all of that. However, group cycling is not only good for the body, but it is also good for the soul....

I am going to use my weekend trip with Get Out and Go Tours to explain why I love group cycling, and it is all about the soul!

First let me start with Get Out and Go Tours...

Get Out and Go Tours is a biking company that really knows how to do biking tours in a first class way. All that a cyclist needs to do is show up, with or without a bike, you can rent a bike from Get Out and Go Tours, and leave the rest to Tom and Kyle of Get Out and Go Tours. 

Friday night about twelve people who are all acquainted in some kind of way, met in Cumberland, Maryland to embark upon a weekend of biking with Get Out and Go Tours. We walked to dinner that night, and it felt like we all had been friends for years. We talked about all sorts of things and laughed. (Laughter is good for my soul.)

After dinner, we loaded our bikes onto the Get Out and Go Tours' van so that the next day we could leave in a timely fashion to start our bike ride.

We got to the starting point, and the bonding really began. On the trails, we became a group who were looking out for each other. We noticed if someone got to far behind, we were conscious of who needed a break, we took care of each other. (Being part of a group is good for my soul.)

God shows himself to me in nature more than any other place, and he was all over this trip. We biked the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP), and the views are breathtaking. There is a river running next to most of the trail, and we all know that the sound of a running river is good for the soul. Also, the entire trail is surrounded by some of the most beautiful greenery, which is where I think that God shows himself the most.

We ate all of our meals together and most of the meals were eaten in the great outdoors. (Breaking bread, in the great outdoors, with great people, is good for my soul.)

My soul was completely happy at our breakfast on the second morning. First of all, we stayed at this Bed and Breakfast that left the door open for us, and we went inside and made ourselves at home, literally. We spent time in each others rooms, and I was reminded of how warm I use to feel when my family would get together at my parents' house in Alabama and a WHOLE LOT of family members would sleep under the same roof, and we would laugh, talk, and eat.

Well, the wonderful people who run the Bed and Breakfast cooked us a meal that made us all glad, and the conversations continued....

Alice, who is a completely fascinating lady, told us all about her wonderful worldwide travels. You already know how I feel about plans; nothing happens without a plan. And, it is apparent that Alice is not allowing her life to just happen, but she makes plans. She talked about her many experiences in a manner that really made my soul happy. I really want to travel to Ghana and after listening to Alice and her plans, I will be traveling to Ghana by the end of next summer. Also, Alice has a rose tattooed on her back to remind her to always take the time 'To Smell The Roses,' and it is apparent that the tattoo is working. (Listening and learning from Alice was good for my soul!)

Alice with her tattoo! 

At that same breakfast, we learned about Hayward, another member of our group, and his experiences with the Vietnam War. Hayward, reminiscing about his experiences with the military, roused others to share their experiences surrounding this same war and many other experiences. We really had 'good for the soul' conversations at breakfast and throughout the entire trip.

We completed the ride, and after two days, we had ridden over 90 miles and had bonded in a way that made my soul glad. We talked and hug and discussed the next time that many of us would see each other again, which will be at the Seagull Century Ride in October. Last year, I showed up for the Seagull Century Ride without knowing anyone, but this time it will be different. (This makes my soul happy.)

My people, please consider trying group cycling; it is good for the heart for sure, but it is also good for the SOUL!

I am learning that the heart and soul are equally important...

Happy Monday!!


Leesha said...

Thanks. I'm still smiling.
Great time and fun,
which is needed for
a healthy mind and spirit.

Tom is the best.

See ya next year.

Jacqueline said...

Leesha, thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Yep, I am still smiling, and my heart is still happy.

Tom and Kyle are the best!

Until next time...

Tom Knoerzer said...

No, no Jacque, I think you all have it all wrong. YOU are the best, and Kyle and I love you all. Your blog is great. refreshing and full of soul. Get Out And Go whenever you can!


Jacqueline said...

Tom, I'll take the compliment but know that you and Kyle are "The Dream Team."

I hope that EVERYONE takes at least one biking trip with Get Out and Go before they leave this earth...It will be good for his/her soul!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Reading this definitely leaves a smile on your face. Your pics are amazing. You took some great shots of nature! Remember, Back to Basics- most folks have ridden a bicycle in their lifetime. It's one of those skills you never lose. Riding a bike through nature with a bunch of longtime and soon-to-be longtime friends is 'good for your soul...

Jacqueline said...

Yep, Back to Basis! I know that you notice that I did not post that famous picture; I did not want anyone to steal it :)

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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