Thursday, August 8, 2013

What I Know For Sure Thursday: Today Was A Good Day!

Today, I got up and went and had a great workout with the greatest trainer in the world, and I felt like he was trying to kill me, literally.

While working out, I thought about What Do I Know For Sure, and I could not think of anything. However, I kept thinking...

After the workout, I hurried home to make this new recipe: one banana, one egg, blueberry pancakes. And, they were absolutely delicious. A great, healthy pancake.

Thanks to Danielle for posting this recipe on her awesome blog!

At this point, I was still thinking about What Do I Know For Sure, and I could not think of anything. However, I kept thinking...

After I ate my pancakes, I went to the National Portrait Gallery to see a performance by high school students called Portraits Alive. With Portraits Alive, students pick a portrait of any person in the museum, and they literally become that person and tells the audience about the person from the first person point of view. (Talking as if they are that person that is in the portrait.) This was absolutely fabulous, and I learned new things about Jacqueline Kennedy, Arthur Ashe, and several other people.

After the Portraits Alive performances, I also went and explored an exhibit in the same museum that is commemorating the 50th anniversary of The March on Washington. I thought a lot about Dr. King, Trayvon Martin, Paula Deen, racism etc. I also thought that this is a good time to be alive: 100 years of Delta Sigma Theta, 50th anniversary of The March On Washington, 150th anniversary of the signing of The Emancipation Proclamation and so many other wonderful things.

The Exhibit Title and Description
Final Plans for The March On Washington 50 years ago!
One of the images in the exhibit that I absolutely love:
Those women just wanted to "touch the hem of his garment."

After I left the National Portrait Gallery, I met a friend for half price sushi at one of my favorite restaurants, and we laughed and talked for hours until I had to run to REI, the outdoor store, to get a flood light for my biking trip that I am taking this weekend.

I got my light!

Now, I am home and preparing for my weekend biking trip, and What I know For Sure On This Thursday is TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY!

And, I'm looking forward to tomorrow...

Happy Thursday, My People!

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