Monday, May 13, 2013

Some Kind of Way.....

For about a week, I have been feeling some kind of way.....

I can't put it into words, but it is a feeling where I can not focus on one thing for long, and I have found it very difficult to settle down enough to write. This is so unlike me, because I love to write!

One of my friends got a not so good diagnosis from her doctor, and that left me feeling some kind of way. I started to feel a little guilty for being healthy and happy when a really wonderful person is going through something that is quite life altering. I've had to remind myself that "There is nothing to hard for God."

A few other things that are not so good have transpired with other people whom I care deeply about, and this has left me feeling some kind of way..... BUT GOD!!!

Life is good, but it is unpredictable for sure; which makes it extremely exciting and scary at the same time.

Speaking of unpredictable, last week my seniors took their AP English exam, and one of the questions on the exam asked them to write about a story that is an example of a Bildungsroman. "A Bildungsroman is a novel that tells of a spiritual, moral, psychological, or social development of the protagonist either from childhood to maturity or as the result of an extraordinary experience."

Well, we spent quite a bit of time talking about Bildungsroman when we read the novel Life of Pi, because Life of Pi is an example of a Bildungsorman. So, Bildungsroman being on the AP exam helped to lift my spirits, and I hope that the students took advantage of this question that they should have been able to write pages and pages about. What a pleasant surprise!

Saturday and Sunday, I saw the documentary on Venus and Serena, tennis' greatest, and it was awesome. (Yep, I saw it Saturday and Sunday!) Those ladies are committed, and they work their a#@ off. Workout, play tennis, workout, play tennis, and get stronger and stronger and stronger, and WIN, WIN, WIN.... I will never ever complain about one hour of working out EVER again, not that I complain anyway. But, this documentary is confirmation to not complain about one tough hour of working out when according to Venus and Serena's training, I can really do a WHOLE lot more.

Also, the documentary showed how much those sisters love each other.... It was stated that they need each other in order for them to be individually great. (People need other people!)


Being that Sunday was Mother's Day, I thought about my mother and all of the sacrifices that she made to make sure that my sisters and I had the kind of life that many people only dream about. Saturday at church, my preacher talked about the sacrifices of mothers: not being able to hang out with friends as much, not buying herself a pair of shoes to make sure that her children have shoes, giving up some of her wants to make sure that her children have ALL that they need......And, I thought about the sacrifices that it takes to raise nine children! (WORK, WORK, WORK!!!) I really hope that the sacrifice was worth it for her. I know that I deeply appreciate the sacrifice, and I will move mountains for my momma.

I have a few friends who lost their mothers' recently, and I thought about them a lot and reached out to reassure them that "Everything is going to be alright."

I am not necessary unhappy, because I am soooo thankful for the life that I live, but I am in a space that it is difficult to describe.......

Today, I am still feeling some kind of way, but I guess this is my season of some kind of way!

This too shall pass!!

Thanks for allowing me to share this; I sure do appreciate it.

Happy Monday, My People!!!

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