Friday, May 24, 2013

My Babies are Gone!!!

One of my many babies!

Tuesday was my seniors official last day of high school, and I am extremely excited about them going off to really start their lives....

I really wanted to say something profound or say something that they would remember forever; however, I have been giving them all of the wisdom that I have all year long, so I just hugged them and sent them on.

I really loved and enjoyed my seniors. They are smart, eager to learn, willing to read anything, and always seemed to listen very intensely when I tried to impart wisdom about life to them.

One of the themes that continued to come up this year is a quote from Toni Morrison's novel Song of Solomom about letting go of the s@#$ that is holding us back so that we can fly.

I really hope that quote resonated with them, and I pray that they will continuously work on getting rid of whatever may hold them back from living their best lives: fear, anger, people, self-doubt, the opinion of others, and on and on and on....

It was a bitter-sweet ending, but I have to let them go in order for them and me to fly!

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