Wednesday, April 26, 2017

It’s Been SIX YEARS!

Some people vividly remember what they were doing the day that Dr. King was killed, or what they were doing when O’Jay Simpson was in the ‘get away’ car, or the day that they got married, or graduated from college... You following me?

Well, I vividly remember the very first day that I showed up to start personal training with The Greatest Trainer in the World, Berhane....

His location at that time was not near my house at all, and with the DC traffic, I left home EARLY to make sure that I was on time. I got there, and he talked to me, and assured me that he could help me reach me health goals. Because I was working out, and I thought that I was doing OK with my diet, I was shocked when I saw what I weighed and my high body fat completely shocked me.

However, Berhane assured me that he could help me reach my health goals, and the rest is history....

Now, if you know me or if you only know me through this blog, when I start something, I am fully committed, or I am not. Either I am in, or I am not. After meeting Berhane, I made a decision to fully commit to my health which means that I think about every single thing that I put in my mouth, and I exercise even when I do not feel like it and most of the time I don’t feel like it.

Now, like a lot of folks, I get off track...

Back in September when school started back, I was still in summer mode. Therefore, I was not prepping my meals, eating far to many peanuts, drinking a few too many glasses of wine, and lo and behold, Berhane checked my weight and body fat, and that was the reality check that I needed to get back on track.

True to Berhane style, he talked to me about my diet and talked to me about health and being vigilant. That very day, I went home and started back meal prepping, stopped drinking wine, and my weight and body fat positively responded.

I know all types of people, and Berhane is the most consistent people whom I know: he works out himself religiously, eat foods that are good for his body all of the time, does not drink alcohol, consistently kicks my butt, and always tells me the truth. I am happy that I have him in my life forever. (Folks Need Other Folks!)

I am not sure where you are on your journey, but if you are in your forties, I hope that you are aware that our bodies need good care to carry us into old age, and if you are under forty, please, please, please don’t take your health for granted. You are never to young to focus on your health.

Y’all, I love this journey with my whole heart, and I never take for granted the blessing of taking this journey with The Greatest Personal Trainer in the Whole Wide World, Berhane!

Yes, it’s been six years, and we have ninety-nine more to go....

You can reach Berhane at BT fitness.

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