Saturday, April 26, 2014

Three WHOLE Years of Working Out With the Greatest Trainer in the World... AND It's All About the TRAINER!!!

Today marks THREE WHOLE YEARS that I have been working out with the The Greatest Trainer in the World, and I can not even began to explain how my life has changed. (I wouldn't take nothing for this journey.)

I started this health journey just wanting to lose weight.....

However, once I started working out with Berhane, the Greatest Trainer in the World, I finally got that this is about much more than losing weight; this is about being fit and healthy, which leads to some incredible happiness!

I have been trained by other trainers before, and not one of them ever talked to me about my body fat, what I was eating, my lifestyle, knowing my numbers etc. All that they did was workout with me; therefore, I never saw results.

However, Berhane helps me to focus on the important things: diet, lifestyle, and fitness.

Berhane accepts no excuses and neither do I, and that's why we are a great combination.

We often talk about commitment, and My People, I am the commitment type and so is Berhane. I have been working out with him for THREE WHOLE YEARS, and he has never canceled for no reason.... maybe snow, but that has been one or two times in the three years that I have been working out with him. He is never sick or late; he makes no excuses EVER!

Berhane works himself just as hard as he works his clients, and he religiously eat things that are good for his body. He lives the life that he wants his clients to live.

Yea, there are lots of trainers in the world, but we need people and trainers in our lives who encourage us to be our very best without making excuses. And, that is what Berhane does consistently...

Because of him, my fitness levels continue to increase, and my energy and happiness levels are to the roof, literally!

Not sure if I could have done this total mind and body transformation without him! (People Need Other People!)

So, on my 3rd Year Anniversary, I am honoring the Greatest Trainer in the World, Berhane, who expects me, and all of his clients, to be all that we can be.

Consider surrounding yourself with people who expect you to be your very best.....

You owe it to yourself to live the rest of your life as A CHAMPION!

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