Monday, August 10, 2015

Cyclocross Camp with Jeremy Powers

My People, I love cyclocross!

This past weekend I participated in a two day cyclocross (CX) camp in DC led by CX national champion, Jeremy Powers; It’s was liberating, but it also tapped into some of my insecurities as well.

CX national champion, Jeremy Powers, is humble and approachable. Doing the camp he gave much instruction, but he also did things like check tire pressure, put air in tires, tell awesome stories, and give lots of encouragement.

I am crushing on Jeremy Powers!!

Day one was a day of drills and drills: dismounting, remounting, jumping barriers, riding through tight spaces etc. I felt extremely liberated, because I gained quite a bit of confidence in areas where I was not so confidence.

The second day was more about how to evaluate a course and how to ride it. We did lots of turns and riding down the side of hills, running stairs etc, and this day tapped into my insecurities.

My mind started to say all types of self-deprecating things such as I will never be able to do these turns fast, dismounting and running up stairs seems impossible, I will never be able to run fast with my bike on my shoulder. However, I quickly started to tell myself a new story: I belong here, if I continue to do the same thing over and over, I will get better, I am better than I was last season etc.

So, this week, I will ride my bike and practice CX skills and continue to look forward to CX season #2 which is quickly approaching. Baby Steps, Baby Steps, Baby Steps......

My people, let’s tell ourselves new stories!

Read about my first CX race from last year here.

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