Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's My Day!

This is 44!

This past year has been completely amazing:

I started cycling racing, and I can not even began to tell you how cycling has expanded my life.... I have met so many people who I really like from cycling. I mean people who I want to be in my life forever. I have been places that I would have never traveled to all because of cycling. It is never too late to try something NEW!

This past summer, I traveled to Ghana, and I had been wanting to go to Ghana forever, and I decided that this year was the year. I put on my big girl pants, found a travel company, and traveled all over Ghana. The growth that I experienced from being in Ghana has been very good. I see so many things differently, and I do not take the opportunity to live out one of my many dreams lightly. Seize the Day; Today is the Day!

This year I celebrated twenty-five years since I graduated from high school and twenty year since I graduated from college. I am just sooooo happy to still be here among the living to celebrate two milestone moments in my life with people who shared those common experiences. Don't forget to celebrate EVERYTHING!

I have had experiences this year that taught me so much about my capacity to love and be loved....We can't stop growing and learning and falling in love EVER!

My people, this journey is a good one, and I wouldn't take nothing for it!

This is My Day, and I am grateful....


dafirm72 said...

U make 44 look like 24.

Jacqueline said...

Thanks my friend!

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