Monday, December 9, 2013

Yea, They Matter.....

I so believe that it is important for people to know their numbers: cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, body fat etc.

I, like many other people, hate going to get my routine physical, because I do not want to hear any bad news. A few years back, I was told that my cholesterol was a little high, and I went into a total panic, and then I went straight into action.

So, I am not proud to say that my last physical was around June 2012, about a year and a half ago. I had been putting it off, but eventually I had to face the music. So...

June 2012
  • Overall cholesterol went from 209 to 180 (less than 200 hundred is good),
  • My bad cholesterol (LDL) went from 127 to 102 (Below 130 is good, but under 100 is optimum),
  • My good cholesterol (HDL) stayed at 73 (60 and above is optimum),
  • My Triglycerides went from 43 to 29 (Triglycerides are the chemical form in which most fat exists in food and the body. A high triglyceride level has been linked to higher risk of coronary artery disease. A number under 150 is good, and I am at 29. Thank You Jesus!)
  • My Vitamin D is normal (I take Vitamin D everyday religiously.)
  • My blood pressure went from 120 to 100. (120 is optimum and 100 or less is athletes and children's blood pressure.)

December 2013
  • Overall cholesterol is 174, six points lower than 2012.
  • My bad cholesterol is 92, ten points lower than 2012.
  • My good cholesterol is 74, one point higher than 2012.  (This is a number that we want to see go up.)
  • My Triglycerides is 38, higher than it was in 2012, but still in a good range.
  • and my Vitamin D and Blood Pressure are still good.

Yep, I am boldly putting my numbers out there, and I hope that this inspires someone else to get to the doctor and 'know your numbers.'

Yes, it can be frightening, but we can not do anything about our numbers unless we know them.

Ignorance can be bliss but not when it comes to our health!!!

My people, let's not just let life happen…...

Today, I am grateful for a snow day, which means a day off from work, and good numbers....

This is the day....Rejoice and Be Glad!!!!!

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