Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Girl Who Fell From The Sky by Heidi W. Durrow

After reading The Good Lord Bird by James McBride, I really wanted to read another good story. I did not want something that I had to analyze to deeply; I just wanted a good story that was good for my soul.

I searched and searched and read about a lot of books. Finally, I ran across an article from The Huffington Post titled "African American Books: 20 Books That Every African American Should Read (Readers' Choice)." On that list was this book titled The Girl Who Fell From the Sky, and after reading the synopsis, I decided to give it a try.

Well, this book satisfied my thirst for a great story....

This is a story about a bi-racial girl named Rachael who has a very complicated life and is sent to live with her grandmother after a family tragedy. This book is quite suspenseful, and Heidi does a great job of tying together a few stories in order to create a heartwarming story of identity, love, life's complexity and on and on.

There were many things in this story that felt familiar, and familiarity always makes me feel warm; just like running into a childhood friend a long way from home.

This was Heidi W. Durrow's first novel, and I give it two thumbs up.

Heidi Durrow and her first book!

Ain't nothing like a good book on Christmas Day!!!

Merry Christmas, My People...

My next read is what I hope is another good story: From the Kitchen of Half Truth by Maria Goodin.


ArchivedProfile said...

I adored this book! I had been reading nonfiction for years. I don't remember why I decided to read this one but I now refer to it as the book that made me fall for fiction. I haven't stopped reading fiction since finishing this back in 2012. I just added her to my list of authors that I hope are writing another book.

Jacqueline said...

This book is definitely adorable. Welcome to the fiction world that I love!

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