Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Chimes and Summer Wines by Ellen Bheachain


Summer Chimes and Summer Wines
Listening to the summer chimes, 
Of summer sounds of summer time, 
Bringing all that nature is, 
That shows and sounds like, 
Summer chimes, 

Chimes of soft winds, 
Chimes of soft river streams, 
Sounds that say of that time and season, 
That summer time sounds so sweet, 
It rings the sounds of summer chimes, 
With rays of sunlight streaming by, 
Summer chimes with summer wines, 

Can be the momentum interludes of summer times, 
When summer time is to be, 
There in natures places, 
Full of bloom and hidden places, 
Listening to the summer chimes, 
Of summer time, 
And sitting and drinking, 
A summer wine,

With the summer chimes, 
And summer wines, 
With summer and its nature sounds, 
Bringing out the musical chimes, 
Of summer sounds, 
Along with summer chance, 
And the per chance that evolves, 
Bringing summer chimes, 
With summer wines, 
Of true summer chance, 
With love intwined, 
And summer wine,

So if per chance, 
To meet again, 
That evolves and begins, 
From summer meets, 
Bringing that summer chance, 
To summer chimes, 
With summer wines, 
That begins and lasts, 
Within in the hearts of those, 
That let per chance happen, 
And fall in love,

Then it will continue all year long, 
For those that took the chance, 
In summer chance, 
And let the per chance, 
Take it course, 
And win, 
For love to hear, 
The summer chimes, 
Sipping summer wine. 

Ellen Ni Bheachain

I hope that you are enjoying summer......

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