Sunday, June 2, 2013

Light in August by William Faulkner

William Faulkner

Ok, so I literally just finished reading Light in August, and you MUST read it.

I REALLY mean it....William Faulkner does a magnificent job of using character development to drive the plot of this story.

Soooooo, you can't be an English teacher or a student at any school and not hear the name William Faulkner. Many of his short stories are in textbooks, and most teachers love to teach his novels and short stories.

I feel the same way about Light in August as I do about Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison; I could teach either one of these novels for an entire year and still would not cover all of the things that I would want to. Such rich text!!!!!!!

Being from Mississippi, Faulkner has a great grasp of Southern living in the early 1900's, and he deals with complex themes, even the use of the "N," with such grace. Now, I know you are wondering how can someone use the "N" word with grace? Well, you need to read Light of August to find out.

In Light in August, there are quite a few characters and Faulkner develops each one of them completely. You can understand Joe Christmas, who thinks that he is biracial, once you read his life story. You have to love the minister, Hightower, once you understand his determination to stay in a place where he is shunned. You have to love Byron Bunch once you realize that he is consistent and persistent. And you must love, Lena, who travels from Alabama to Mississippi, from wagon to wagon, while in the final few months of pregnancy, in order to find "her" man. Oh, and there is no way that I could leave out the adorable old couple, Mr and Mrs. Hines, who are haunted forever by their past.

Faulkner takes all of these characters, and other characters, and tells all of their stories and then combines them to create a single story that will stay with you for quite awhile....

I must say that the writing in Light of August reminded me a lot of Song of Solomon, because both of these great authors can tell a whole lot of stories in one novel, tie them all together, and create a story that leaves the readers feeling completely...... (trying to think of a word!)......ANXIOUS.....(that's the word!)...... to read on!!!

Light in August is a great summer read.........

You will love it!

Be Blessed, My People

My next read is In The Body of the World by Eve Ensler.

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