Saturday, October 13, 2012

Joy, Joy, God's Great Joy!!!!!!!


First, my friend Cliff self-published his very own book. Not only did he write and publish it, but he put them together himself. Yes, he actually took the time to glue the books together himself or bind them, for a more literary term.

A few years back, my book club read his book, and we were so impressed. I loved Cliff before I read this book, but after reading it, I both loved and respected him. Boy, does he have a story to tell. Such a book of struggle, survival, courage, and it's his own true story.

Yes, this is the same guy who I wrote about that "pulled me out" when I was having "one of those days."

Anyway, Cliff's book, The Time of My Life or Was It is now being sold on Amazon, and you can download it to your Kindle. Now, EVERYBODY in the world can read it. Glory to God!!!

Here is the link to the book:


Secondly, my 77 year old mother is ONLINE. She has a BRAND new Smart TV, and she is officially online. My sister said that the first thing that she did was go to The Mobile Press Register's obituary section. (You know older people love to keep up with who died.) And, she also has an email address. Glory to God!!! I am sooooo thrilled for my momma. Now, she can be "In the World" with the rest of us.

I wonder what is next for her: Facebook, passionate love, marriage, home business etc.

Live Until You Die!!!!!!


Thirdly, My nephew Brandon is home resting after having surgery this week! He said that he is still trying to recover but is a little weak. I was happy about his recovery progress, but I was even more thrilled when he said "Also wanna make sure that I stay healthy too. I remember ur post about staying healthy and doing the rights things for our true for me now."

With that attitude, the world better look out.

So happy for Brandon!!!!!

Sonia and Me!

Fourth, My friend Sonia, whom I have known since we were Marching Crimson Pipers at Tuskegee, told me news this morning that made my heart skip a beat. I wanted to cry, but I was in the grocery store and was not sure if that was a good idea. She and I and a whole lot of other people have been standing with Sonia on this issue, AND it's Harvest Time!!!

While we have been standing with Sonia, she has truly been blessed with so many of the desires of her heart.

I have learned so much from Sonia this past year.

I am Overjoyed Today!!!!

Joy, Joy, Joy, Down in my soul!!!

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