Friday, August 17, 2012

I've Fallen in Love!!!

I know that my readers read the title of this post and then looked at the above picture and became very excited. Who doesn't want to read about someone finding the love of their life?

Well, my readers, My King has not presented himself as My King yet, but I know that he is somewhere being groomed for me. However, I fell in love with biking this summer, and it feels the same way that falling in love with a man does. (It feels so good!) 

I've been biking for years mostly by myself or with my friend Nancy. I had a hybrid bike and there really is not a biking community for hybrids. There are dirt and road bike communities but no hybrid community. But, once I got my road bike, a whole world opened up to me.

I am a firm believer that whatever we need comes to us. We don't have to spend a lot of time pondering, worrying, researching, talking about etc, it just comes. Once I got my road bike in March, biking groups started to chase me down.

Wednesday morning I met about 15 to 20 women from the group Babes on Bikes to do a ride that we call the Arlington loop. It is about 17 miles and it goes from Arlington to DC then Alexandria and loops back around to Arlington. It has hills, curves, turns, and the most beautiful views that I never forget to notice. As we were riding on the George Washington trail, and I viewed the Potomac River, all of the DC landmarks, and a line of women bikers, it dawned on me: "I am in love!!!"

You know when you have been going out with a guy for awhile, and you enjoy his company, spending time with him, but you are not giving the relationship much thought. Then one day you look at him and think "I love this guy with my whole heart." Well, that's how I felt on that ride Wednesday; I realized that I love biking and group biking with my whole heart, and it feels so good.

My biking this summer has gone to a whole 'nother level. I've gotten several riding pointers from different people. I implemented them, and I have become a much stronger rider. My Tuesday night rides use to make me feel completely defeated. But now, after learning when to shift gears and how to correctly pedal, I no longer feel defeated. As a matter of fact, I am able to hold my own now.

I've ridden with so many different groups and people this summer which served to cause me to fall more and more in love with biking. I thought that loving so many people and Jesus with my whole heart, I really thought that my heart couldn't stretch more, but it did! The heart is like every other muscle in the body, the more we use it, the stronger it gets and the more room that it makes to love. (Try using every muscle in your body more and see how strong you become and how good you feel.)

It's easy to tell what people love, just pay attention to what they spend their time doing!

People, find out what you love to do, do it often, and fall in love; it feels sooo darn good!

I'm in love.......

Enjoy This day and everyday.

Babes on Bikes!

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Tracy Ricks said...

LOVE IT and love you!! Sooo inspirational and yes your king is on his way.

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