Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stand Up for Yourself!

The other day I was was talking to one of my friends, and we were having one of those conversations that we typically have where we uplift and encourage each other. Well, for some reasons, we got on this topic of HOPE! I think that she or I was saying that we were hoping something for someone, and I said something like "we can hope, want, or wish for someone all day, but at the end of the day, he/she has to make the change for his/herself. She stated, "You should write a blog about hope."

After that conversation I was scanning through Facebook, and one of my friend's FB status stated that "He who has hope, has everything." I really started to think about that quote and the conversation that I had with my friend. Lo and behold, I was watching  the Oprah network, and this great motivational speaker was on named Toni Robbins. Toni was working with this guy named Steve who was a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. Steve was in a very low place and was contemplating abusing drugs again. He felt that he had no hope of getting his life in order. Toni Robbins stated that after the man left the show, he was going to be alone and would have to "Stand Up for Himself." When Toni stated this, I started to cry. I was crying, because I thought about all of the people who are stuck in situations that they do not want to be in, and I really want them to know that they must and can "Stand Up for Themselves." I know from experience that there is nothing better than "Standing Up for Yourself."

Toni Robbins

For instance, I really wish that everyone would take better care of their bodies. I know so many people who complain about their weight, and they have everything that it takes to change their bodies. I have worked out for years and always stayed around the same weight. Over time, I started to pick up pounds slowly but surely. I really thought that I could not lose weight and have arms that were defined. But, once I realize that I needed to make some changes, and I could change my body; I became unstoppable. I can really hope that people will take their health seriously, but they have to do it for themselves.

However, let's talk about the changes that were necessary: drinking less alcohol, not eating fast food ever, not eating potato chips, being mindful of my sugar intake, buying doughnuts for my students and not eating any, and doing one intense hour of exercise almost everyday. I really thought that there was no way I was going to or could make these changes. But I did it, and guess what? I feel invincible. Whatever it is in my life that I want to change, I have the power to do it. I feel so liberated. No one could do it for me. My doctor could really wish and hope that I would lose weight and lower my cholesterol, but I have to "Stand Up for Myself."

How many of us really hope that our friends would leave the guy that is abusing her or would move on from the guy that has already left her. How many people in our lives are hoping that we would change some of our destructive behaviors or would stand up and claim our rightful place in the world without fear? We must, all of us, "Stand Up for Ourselves."

What I have noticed is that there are a lot of people who will stand up for themselves, but there are a WHOLE lot of people who will not. I see people who will not set limits in their lives, will not state with authority what they know for sure, will analyze situations forever in order to not have to make a decision, will only eat chicken, will not get in a pool, will not take a trip alone, and are always hoping or wanting to do something but will not take the leap of faith.  Most people who are living "Their Best Lives" took a leap of faith. Life is about taking risk and "Standing Up for Yourself."

Two weeks ago I went biking with this group that is mostly all men, and they are strong riders. The ride was only about 17 miles, but it was sooooo hilly. It was a really tough ride for me, but I finished. I am so nervous about going back, but I got too; I must face that fear. I can't shy away from challenges, I must "Face My Fears." Believe it or not, when you face a fear like a big hill, I can guarantee that it will carry over to other areas of your life, and you will find yourself having courageous conversations, being more confident in the work place, setting limits on your life, renting a car and driving across the country alone etc. But no one can do it for you, you have to "Stand Up for Yourself."

I really have a lot of hope for all of the students whom I teach. I really hope that they discover their talents, study, respect their parents, value education, cultivate a love for reading etc. I can hope all day and pray about it and preach about it, but I can't do it for them. They must "Stand Up for Themselves."

Today, my heart is not so glad, because today, for some reasons, I really want people, including myself to "Stand Up for Ourselves" and really enjoy all of the things that were created just for us.

Here are some quotes from Toni Robbins:
"Turn your fear into power (faith)."
"Get out and start doing something!"


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the morning reminder to live a courageous life and follow the greatest desires of my heart... Blessings

Jacqueline said...

Heather, thanks for reading and leaving a comment, and while I'm inspiring you; I'm inspiring myself.

Tracy Ricks said...


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