Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One of the Many Things That Makes My Heart Glad!

Image of Langston that I projected on the Smartboard!
People, just know, that I love Langston Hughes. I teach a short story by Langston titled "Thank You M'am" to my 9th grade students every year. Not only is it pleasant to read, but there are so many good lessons in this very short, short story (Two pages).

Before, we read this story, I tell the students about Langston Hughes, and know that, just talking about him makes me happy, and this joy normally rubs off on my students.

I projected his picture from the Smartboard, I recited his poems to them, and the class did a choral reading of one of his poems. (They really got a kick out of that.)

This year, I told them about this restaurant in DC that is named for Langston Hughes called Busboy and Poet. I told them that Langston was a busboy/poet right here in this great city of Washington D.C.

A few of the students had been to the restaurant before but did not know the Langston connection.

So, Today, one of my students came to my desk smiling real hard.

She said:

"Ms. Stallworth, I went to the restaurant Busboy and Poet this weekend."

My heart did a flip. I asked her many questions, and she was very excited to share the experience. She even shared the experience with the entire class.

She said:

"Ms. Stallworth, I have proof that I went there."

I said: "Show me."

She pulled out a picture of her with her brother at the restaurant and a picture of her holding The Selected Poems of Langston Hughes in the bookstore that's in the restaurant.


I am so happy that I was able to pour my love for Langston onto this child.

I really hope that she passes the love on.

(Can't show the picture that she gave me; I must respect her privacy.)

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