Friday, September 9, 2011

Vance Lang Doing the Damn Thang!

My nephew: Vance Lang

In schools, all across American, there are students who are labeled Gifted and Talented. If my nephew, Vance, was school age, he would have this label. He is a self-taught musician who works with high school band students during his free time, he is a poet who use to send his family poems, but he stopped for some unknown reason (Vance, what Happened?). He is a DJ who really knows how to entertain the crowd, and he can run a TV station all by himself: camera man, production man, anchor man etc. He is also easygoing and super funny; his Facebook posts always bring a smile to my face.

When my daddy and Vance's granddaddy died, LJ Stallworth, Vance shared this poem with his family and friends. I am going to share it here with his permission:

Subject: In Memory
Date:  Wed, 24, January 2001  06:53

Hello All
I am sending this message for my family, but I thought that I would offer something to inspire everyone. We are always getting e-mails from some unknown person giving us words of encouragement and inspiration so, I decided to start my own.  In the last week I lost my grandfather, and it still hasn't quite settled in on me yet, but I am dealing with it.  Even though he didn't leave us with a suitcase full of money, he did leave us with our family intact.  He is gone, but the things that he taught us still live on.  His strength flows through all of us, and he is touching you right now if you are reading this e-mail. I am glad that I have my family and that they love and protect me.  Not because I am the greatest in the world but simply because I am theirs (Deep huh).  Anyway, I wanted to send out a copy of the poem that I wrote so my family can see it. For everyone else, use it anyway you can.

Its hard to put the words together
When I'm trying to say good-bye
It's hard to think about you
without wanting to cry
The selfish part of me wants to be sad
Why did you go away?
The truth is you've done so much
so I can't be sad on this day.
It's hard for me to accept you leaving.
I thought we had plenty of time
I guess taking the small things for granted
left me with tears in my eyes
I know you're in a better place
but I really want you here.
I really miss the conversations
although it wasn't always what I wanted to hear
We're all going to miss you
we love you dear
We have to live without you
but in our hearts you're always here
Words can only say so much
but there's so much I want to say to you
But what is it that I can say
To get this message to you
Really I just want to tell you good-bye
You told me to do good and I'll always try
For your wife, daughters, grandchildren, family and friends
co-workers, neighbors, the list doesn't end
We know that you are gone and we must move on,
We will because it was you that taught us to be strong.
Vance Lang January 2001

and I will leave you with a quote from my granddaddy
"I am the one who did so much with such a little.  Now I can do most anything with nothing"

Now you see, Vance Lang is a great poet, person and nephew.

Vance Lang doing his TV thang with his Mardi Gras beads on!
Vance Lang DJing and eating on a chicken wing at Mardi Gras!

Oh, I forgot to add, Vance Lang is single and only the serious may inquire.

Vance Lang doing the damn thang!


LittleMickey said...

Thanks Auntie! You know I do it for the kids...

Tracy Ricks said...

That was GREAT!! Shout out to V. Lang aka little Mickey!! Still Keeping hope alive!! Lol

dorothyreed19 said...

Vance is an amazinginly gifted person. He brings joy and peace to everyone who meets him.

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