Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Was A Good Year!

I am highly encouraging anyone who reads this blog to write down ALL of the things that you want to achieve in 2016, and keep the list near. I will guarantee you that if you write this list; you will be more inclined to work towards those goals. And, right now, you may not know all of the things that you want for your life, sometimes our minds can not imagine what God has in store for us, but you can still write something like more joy, peace, prosperity, help more people etc, and the way to achieve the goals will come. It’s kind of like how I teach; I think about the big goals that I want the students to learn, and then I go back and work the process to achieve those goals.

2015 was such a good year.... I mean a really good year. I planned quite a few things like a trip to Selma, a literary trip to Trinidad, a three week long stay in Upstate NY, and the opportunity to present at the Advanced Placement conference. However, with some of the other awesome things that occurred this year, I just allowed myself to be open and to go wherever I was led.

SURRENDER.... I am a doer, and I like to get stuff done. If a goal is within my power, I won’t stop until I achieve it. However, I have had to learn to surrender. God has been dealing with me about trusting him more and allowing him to do what he do: It ain’t about my way but his way! For a doer, this has been a true test, but I am learning to SURRENDER, do my part, allow God to do the rest.... AND ACCEPT ALL OF THE THINGS THAT HE HAS FOR ME!!

My people, I am strongly encouraging you to pursue the things that you love. If you love books like I do, I am encouraging you to take that impromptu trip to a book festival; If you love great restaurants, I am encouraging to make a list of the ones you have always wanted to go to and go. There is never enough time or money right? Don’t use those excuses EVER!

AND, consider keeping a journal so that you can keep up with how blessed you are.....

Here is my year 2015 in pictures:

Greatest trainer in the world!
Road tripping with my mom!
Mom turned 80!
Together for mom’s 80th birthday!
Beach time and plenty of Baldwin!
Lots of cycling!
Impromptu book trip to Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Book Festival!
Spent lots of time working on my career!
Anniversary of the Million Man March!
I can never get enough of hearing people talk about pursuing their dreams!
What a pleasure to meet The Bryan Stevenson
Tuskegee’s Homecoming is always good for my soul!

Skegee Family
Good folks who add to my life!
Mom cooking Christmas dinner!
I have learned to surround myself with GOOD folks!
Sister time!
Oldest sister and her husband retirement party!
Visit to the Equal Justice Initaitive 
I make sure that I do the things that interest me!
My dear friend Greg turned 50 this year!
My uncle turned 80!
Selma 50 with my people!
Selma 50th
Love me some writers!
Book festival in Trinidad!

Ain’t to many things like an autographed book!
Meeting writers and inspiration!

My book club!
Co-workers, friends, and cyclist!
Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls!
Niagara Falls
Underground Railroad and the Abolitionist movement!
First statue erected for an African American in the US!
Harlem Book Festival
After my presentation in Austin!

Delta Sigma Theta Convention in Houston

My words were published in the International Literacy Association’s magazine

Going into 2016 with high expectations!!!

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