Saturday, January 31, 2015

Working for Myself!

This morning I got up around 8, watched the news for a little while, and I grabbed my computer and headed to Wholefoods to do some work! (Super excited to discover, last weekend, that my favorite Wholefoods has WIFI!)

I was busily working... putting the polishing touches on two essays that I am writing for applications for summer programs that I am applying to, tweaking my resume, and doing others things that needed to be done to get these applications completed. I started thinking: "It sure is good to be working for myself."

However, my second mind stepped right in and stated: "Aren't you always working for yourself?"

I sat for a minute and pondered this thought, and I came to the conclusion that I am always working for myself.

Now, I know that this may sound selfish, but let me explain....

When I read and study for my classes, I am doing these things so that I can be an effective, knowledgeable teacher and reach my students. No one tells me to do these things, but I do them for myself, and my students and I both get to reap the benefits. You feeling me?

When I train, train, and train on my bike, I am doing that for myself, not that it is mandated, but I train for myself so that I can become a stronger rider and help my team doing the races.

When I write this blog, I am getting no pay and no fame yet, but I write it as if I have one million readers. I do it for myself, but I know that this blog will attract people to it and inspire them as much as it inspires me.

When I am at work, or training on my bike, or writing this blog, I never do these things begrudgingly. No one makes me do these things. But, I do them for myself. I like striving for excellence, and the bonus is that other people and I both get to reap the benefits.

I am saying that if we work for ourselves, that makes us better people, and everyone gets to reap the benefits.

I have a sign next to my desk at school that states that "Excellence Conquers Every Obstacles." So, when I am reading and studying to teach my classes, going to summer programs, training to race, being consistent with my blog, I am doing all of those things for myself. I expect excellence for myself, because "Excellence Does Conquer Every Obstacle," and everyone under my circle of influence and the people that those people influence, get to reap the benefits... Right???

My People, I love working for myself!

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