Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cyclocross Race #8: Capital Cross Classic

Yesterday, I was able to get a ride in with my teammates before the rain started....

The rain started, and it did not end; It rained all day yesterday. I went to sleep last night around 10:30 to the sound of rain.

I was very concerned about my race today. I knew that the course would be extremely muddy, and I was not sure how I would ride in the mud. If you recall, my first cyclocross race was in the rain, and it was muddy. I did ok in the mud, but at one point I had to get off my bike and run through the mud. However, that mud was from a few hours of raining, but the mud today was from an almost entire day of raining.

I put a filler out to see if others were going to ride in the mud, and I am not sure why I asked. Here is what one of my teammates, Sean, said about the rain:
"The conditions you have the opportunity to ride in tomorrow come along only every few years. Epic mud on a cyclocross race is the type of experience all cross racers yearn to experience. You will come out of this with stories that others will lean forward to hear. This is not something to be feared. This is an opportunity. You will survive and you will never look at a sunny, easy ride the same. No cross race will ever meet the standard set by tomorrow morning. Those 35 minutes in the sloppiest conditions any cross race has seen around here in many many years will forever be a part of your journey."
So, after this testimony, I got my things together and got ready to race!

I got to the race, and the course was muddy, but not as bad as I thought it would be. I watched the other cyclist race to find the spots where I would need to be careful, and I pre-rode the course to determine when I would need to dismount and run.

The whistle was blown, and My People, my happiness went to the roof; I absolutely loved this course. There were lots of neat hills and turns. The muddy sections tested my strength, and I was determined to ride through some of those muddy sections. There was one section that was a very steep hill that we were suppose to ride down. When I got to that part, I just could not figure out if I should ride it or run. I was about to ride it, but I was far to scared, so I ran it. There were people at the bottom of the hill who were laughing and being encouraging, and they really took the fear away. I slid right on down that hill with my bike next to me. This course and the crowd were fun.

Finally, what I have been fearing the most happened. I was doing a turn in a very muddy section, and I fell. I started to laugh when I realized that I was fine. I literally said out loud "You are all right, get back up, and finish the race." I got back on my bike, and my chain was off. So, I had to get off, fix my chain, and finish the race. My people, this made me feel so strong and tough.....Other racers had been telling me that I needed to fall in order to get over the fear, and I am sooooo happy that it finally happened.

I finished the race, and I was not last....I could not believe it, and I was and is still thrilled!

I am doing one more race next Sunday, and I really hate to see my first cross season end.....

 Happy Sunday, My People!

Find a hobby and become its slave.........

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