Monday, September 8, 2014

Because I Need To.......

I am writing this post not because I have a lot to say, BUT because I need to write, PERIOD!

School started back last week, and I am feeling a peace about the starting of school that I have never felt before; it's a feeling that I can not explain, but I am getting use to it, and I am actually liking it.

You all know that 'old fashion' textbooks are huge, like for real huge, and to be honest, I hate using them. I think that 'old school' textbooks are full of so many things that people never, ever even look it. And, I think that textbooks are things of the past, But, what will we replace them with....hmmmmm. I have not one idea.

But, anyway, I was going to do a story in the textbook with my students next week, but there is no way that I would ask them to carry that HUGE book home, nooooo way. So, I did a Google search of the short story and there it was in full text. I added a few questions to the text and a few important vocabulary, and 'oops there it is." No need to even crack that textbook. And, the students can write on the text for closer readings. Discovering this text online, and adding a few things to it, really took a lot of pressure off; I did not want to use that dinosaur called 'textbook'.

The first week of school went with absolutely no problem: I prepared all of my meals, I met with the trainer, rode my bike, got my hair done and even had time to relaxed... Planning and Preparations really makes for an easy life... Really!

Because my hair was looking cute this weekend, I felt like a caged bird. There was no way that I was going to put a helmet on my hair, sooooo I did not cycle this weekend. I couldn't wait to get to the gym today so that I could sweat, mess my hair up, and be free again. My people, my hair had me held hostage for sure...

My back has been hurting on one side, I stopped by to see my chiropractor and the man has packed up and left. I knocked on the door next to my ex-chiropractor's office, and before me stood another chiropractor. I told him about my back, he actually rubbed on it right there, showed me some diagrams of backs, and told me that I should get a deep tissue massage, and if that does not work, then I should come back to see him...I am definitely getting a massage this weekend... "I aint got time for no back pain."

Now, I am on my balcony, one of my favorite places in the whole wide world. I have worked out, cooked dinner, wash towels and clothes, and now I am going to get in the bed and read.

If you made it to this point in this post...Man, I sho' do appreciate you!

Until the next time.......

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