Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It's Time To Let Go!

Yesterday we had graduation practice. Everyone was in his/her place, and "Pomp and Circumstances" started playing, and we marched out of the auditorium.

As we were marching out, I was able to really look at the students. Most appeared happy and a few appeared subdued, and I was feeling extremely emotional. I was almost on the verge of tears, but I just would not allow them to fall.

I looked at these students, and I saw empty slates. Yea, I know that we are taught that no student is an empty slate; they all come to the table with something. But, as I looked at those kids yesterday, my mind went against all that I have been taught, and I saw empty slates.

I thought about the idea that as they leave this school and navigate through life, they nor us have no idea of what's ahead of them. Some of them have carefully planned their lives and others are going to see what happens. But, no one can predict exactly what will happen.

All of them will make mistakes and some will recover and go on, and others will make mistakes that may cause them to go on a different path, but most will recover. (Life can be so unpredictable but fair.)

This summer I will celebrate 25 years of being out of high school, and I think about my classmates and me. We all left high school and took different paths, but it's funny how we all seem to have ended up just where we were suppose to. I am sure that this will happen for all of the students that we release this year, and every year, into the wild; they will rely on their survival instincts and survive.

Leaving Land is scary, there are storms out there, but most will end up just where they are suppose to.

I truly hope that they appreciate and enjoy the journey!

Writing this, I feel much better about letting these students go.........

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