Saturday, February 8, 2014

Teach History

Painting of Hank Aaron that is on display at The National Portrait Gallery.
It looks like a picture doesn't it?

The Hank Aaron was at The National Portrait Gallery to discuss his life and accomplishments in celebration of his 80th birthday, and it was free and open to the public.... (I love where I live!)

On display, there is the above painting of Hank, and many people, including me, stood around this painting and marveled.

As I was standing, I saw this man talking to a little boy about Hank, and I had to snap a picture.

Watching this man teaching this boy American History, made me smile, and I also wanted to go into the ugly cry. We got to teach the young about the people who came before us.

Teaching History!

We must TEACH HISTORY, My People......

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