Friday, November 22, 2013

Big. Beautiful. Red. Trees.

I love the view from my Balcony....

As I was looking at these Big. Beautiful. Red. Trees. which are my absolutely favorite trees, I thought about this poem by Nikki Giovanni:

"What It Is" by Nikki Giovanni

If it's a trail we can hike it
If it has two wheels we can bike it

If it's an allergy we can sneeze it
If it's a pimple we can squeeze it

If it's dew it "covers Dixie"
If it's Tinker Bell it's a pixie

If it's a breeze it can blow us
If it's the sun it can know us

If it's a song we can sing it
If it flies we can wing it

If it's soda pop then it's drinkable
It might be X-rated but that's unthinkable

If it's a boat we can sail it
If it's a letter we can mail it

If it's a star we can let it shine
If it's the moon it can make you mine

If it's grass we can rake it
If it's free why not take it

If it's a tide it can ebb
If it's a spider it can web

If it's chocolate we can dip it
If it's a golf ball we can chip it

If it's gum we can chew it
I hope it's love so we can do it

I absolutely love this poem, and fall, and my mom, and biking, and teaching literature, and Toni Morrison, and Nikki Giovanni, and words, and those Big. Beautiful. Red. Trees. that are outside of my window.

Happy Friday, My People!!


Tracy Ricks said...

Love it and love you!!!

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for reading, and I love you too! Love is in the air.....

☼Sunshine☼ said...

I love those trees, and that poem!

Jacqueline said... feels so good to know that I am not alone in my love for these two things!

Have a good holiday!

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