Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Be Kind....

I've been thinking a lot about grace lately, and how grace can cause us to be kind....

I've been thinking about the idea that many of us do not show others the grace that we want others to show us, and therefore, we come across as unkind.

I have found that when I focus only on my feelings, wants, needs, that's when I show less grace and tend to be less kind.

Recently, there was an incident where I was focusing only on myself with no regards to what was going on with the other person, and yep, I was unkind.

When I thought about it, the words were already said and could not be taken back, and sometimes grace is sufficient, and can right a wrong, but sometimes it is not.

People, join me in focusing on selflessness and kindness!

This is the day....rejoice and be glad.

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